The Rising of the Shield Hero : Raphtalia

Episode 15

Rafutaria” (ラフタリア)

In a heart breaking episode we learn the truth of just what Idol has been doing to Demi-Humans and how Raphtalia got to be with the Slave Trader in the first place.

It was a difficult episode to watch and whilst it didn’t answer any questions on anything on a bigger scale it did at least show just how deprived some people have become and been allowed to be in this world.

I mean he was torturing them to death.

After the Wave hit the village that Raphtalia was living in attempted to rebuild but were all caught and basically tortured until they died. Some might have been sold like Raphtalia at a later date but the truth is I think we’re meant to believe they all perished under the hateful glare of Idol. This included Raphtalia’s friend Rifana whose only goal in life was to marry the Shield Hero.

Once again this proves that there is something connecting the Shield Hero and Demi-Humans together from before but Raphtalia never bothers to tell Naofumi why that is.

It was a really good episode, I mean all Shield Hero episodes are good episodes but this one in particular was better then I thought it would be, I’ve made it no secret that Raphtalia annoys me a little with her need to be with Naofumi. This makes a little more sense to it along with the fact that he did save her life and whilst I wish that it wasn’t part of her character it doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

Now the question seems to be what happens with the Shield Hero and the Demi-Humans. I mean he has a giant T-Rex to fight, and the irony of Idol calling this big demon to kill the Shield Hero and make him the guy who brought down the Shield Hero just to be murdered first by a giant T-Rex foot was great, but you have to believe that he’ll defeat him and if not on his own right now with the help of others and maybe the Demi-Humans themselves. When this is all over he’d have saved the Lord that was looking after a bunch of them, saved some from certain death and killed one of the best known torturers and murderers of Demi-Humans around so you’d think that no matter what other people say they’ll want to help him.

Does this mean we’ll get a little bit more added to our party?

I would love to see Keel added if I’m honest. It’ll be a nice dynamic to have a male along with all the girls by Naofumi’s side but he also has quite the cool look about him too and if he joins up he’ll have a similar story to Raphtalia’s and being friends with her already might give them a interesting chemistry on the battlefield.

At the end of the day the next time a Wave hits if the whole Malty thing isn’t over then Naofumi is a sitting duck, he’ll be transported straight to where the other heroes are and Malty with a army will be waiting to kill him and Melty instead of anything actually threatening Melromarc.

Next episode is going to be good.

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