RobiHachi : Truth Found From an Octopus

Episode 2

Tako Kara Deta Makoto” (コから出た真実まこと)

RobiHachi was a whirlwind of laughs in episode one and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon with the equally as hilarious second episode.

Thankfully the Mecha part of the episode ended pretty soon with the suit that they found looking to be a prop that Robby’s dad seemingly had and stored in the ship that Robby stole when he left home. Remembering that Robby was actually the son of a wealthy family so his family having a super expensive suit made to look like a TV Mec thing isn’t really that giant of a leap.

Whilst the story looks like it’ll be a cat and mouse chase around the galaxy until they get to Isekander and a final blow out with Mr Yang it seems that we’ll get to see a whole bunch of different worlds and get into some scrapes without it actually having to be a constant threat that they’ll be caught. Yang does think like a criminal and does go to the place that Robby was trying to escape too but because Robby’s ship hasn’t been active for so long he runs out of fuel and only manages to get from Earth to Mars.

So it’ll look like Yang will follow clues left by Robby and Hachi along their journeys and whilst Yang and his crew have some great moments they aren’t a giant presence in the episodes. I hope that is how it goes anyway because if this episode has anything clue to how the season goes I’m gonna be happy.


That is right!

Due to how Mars was when Earthlings arrived humans always thought that Martians looked like Octopuses. They didn’t, their space suits looked like them, but somewhere there was never a moment where it was revealed they weren’t so Martians used it to turn Mars into a giant tourist attraction and dressed up as colourful looking Octopi.

Really loved the story, it was hilarious whilst having some semblance of satire in there. The way humanity look at the world and how we’re pretty materialistic hit home, I probably would go somewhere that offered me a meeting with giant talking Octopuses.

In the end Hachi finds out the truth by accident whilst Robby’s libido leads him to the truth and the two help the Martians come out as being human. This gives Yang the clue they are on Mars but it is too late as the idiots are back in their ship and on the way to their next adventure.

Really love the relationship between Robby and Hachi and it is a easy comedy to watch. That small slither of a story holding it together though it what makes it so good because whilst the individual episodes are going to be stand alone to a point and fun to watch it’ll make you care about the overall story. What happens to Robby when he gets to Isekander? Is Isekander all it is built up to be? Why are they running adverts for that place all the time everywhere? Will Yang get his money?

You have to actually tune in to find out!

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