Fairy Gone : Wolf Collar and Swan Feathers

Episode 2

Ōkami no Kubiwa to Hakuchō no Hane” (狼の首輪と白鳥の羽)

Personally I feel this episode actually took a really interesting twist for me. I saw this going one way when it actually ended up going another…

Whilst eyes are still very much focused on Marlya and the fact that a fairy possessed her directly and not through organ transplant which we learn is actually the way fairy soldiers are created it also made Free a whole bunch more interesting and opened the show up to be much more then us focusing on Marlya and her quest to find Veronica.

It also gave both Maryla and Free extremely similar stories.

I really like that it mixes both a bit of backstory and main action in each episode, we started off learning that Maryla feels like she was born unlucky having anyone who gets close to her die whilst Free finds himself lucky even though his luck tends to be at the expense of other people’s lives. It is like looking at the same problem through the eyes of a pessimist and optimist and whilst the current day people don’t really follow that looking at how they internally think of themselves is really interesting.

So what happens in this episode?

We learn that Free has his own Veronica in a way just he wasn’t looking for him and he’s more then happy to kill him if that is what needs doing. That person is Wolfran.

Kind of like that they opened it up so it wasn’t just one woman’s attempt to find her friend, there seems to be a lot that will happen in this series with most of the characters having a interesting story to tell. Personally I kind of like Free more but I think that is understandable at this time, his story is the simpler of the two to tell and also the one that might be slightly more interesting. He was the Fairy Solider, the process to make him one was shown and the war he fought in was shown as well and that is much more interesting thing “everyone dies and I want to find this one person who didn’t.” That isn’t to say her story won’t blossom, her having a fairy naturally decide to join with her and also seemingly there to protect her more then anything is a much more interesting story to tell but it is also something that isn’t easy to make a show about so you need the groundwork of a more interesting tale to tell and Free’s is perfect for that.

Wolfran also seems more interesting then Veronica, not least because we got at least a small look into who he is.

When Free mentioned his wife and child it didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that we’d learn that his family were dead and by the end of the episode that was exactly what we did learn. What Wolfran wants, his motivations and why he’d turn to the mafia instead of something like Free did is yet to be explained but unlike Veronica who had 0 actual story other then a connection to Marlya behind her it gives Wolfran something for the audience to catch hold of and want to see more of.

Whilst I agree the first episode might have been very action heavy and tried to tell a story whilst making you watch all these fighting scenes, those scenes weren’t taken away in the second episode but the pacing might have been a little better. The Mysteries surrounding the characters and their motivations were put into place better then in the first episode and I really think that if anyone was turned off by the first one they should probably catch up with the second because I think many people will change their minds.

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