Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki

Episode 2

Iku-shu Urokodaki Sakonji” (育手・鱗滝左近次)

His sister is a man eating Demon, he’s a goodie two shoes and he is on his way to maybe be trained as the kind of person who kills man eating Demons.

What could possibly go wrong?

This episode proved that it can do serious and funny at the same time with neither side getting in the way of the other.

Tanjiro hasn’t lost his good nature and that is something his new mentor Urokodaki doesn’t like. He feels compassion and empathy even to a Demon who in this episode attacks him and Nezuko, he fails to make decisions because of that compassion and it looks like Urokodaki doesn’t think highly of him.

That it until he passes his test.

Part of this episode was really fun, Tanjiro is a easy enough character to like with his good attitude and his obvious love for his sister. Him demanding to pay the people for the basket even though the basket was damaged and his reaction to being told that sprinting to the cabin by the mountain wasn’t the test was hilarious, as were most of his reactions to the Demon that he met.

Then you have the part of the episode that was actually really interesting and kind of dark.

Our soon to be dead Demon friend was actually a really tough opponent that Nezuko struggled to deal with and whilst his head being taken off not effecting him and him then growing arms out of his head were hilarious he was still a terrifying opponent and the first proper threat that Tanjiro has faced. He barely defeated him, in fact he was too compassionate to defeat him and was saved by the sun rising.

It was nice to see that he isn’t just going to be a suddenly over powered character that can kill Demons and whilst he might be alright at the fighting and have a Demon on his side that will help him it’ll be whether or not he can see the other Demon’s as being enemies that need to die and lose his empathy for them as humans that’ll be his biggest challenge.

Also a interesting line with Urokodaki, it seems that he also has a good sense of smell and the guy from the first episode seems to think that Tanjiro might be his heir in some sort of way. It’ll be interesting to learn more about Urokodaki and Demon Slayers in general, find out what they are and why the guy from the last episode seems to think it important for Tanjiro to be with him over anyone else. The sense of smell power seems to be semi important and I’d be sad if that didn’t grow to be something more over time.

I mean it makes things like the test in this episode pretty interesting to watch, instead of having sharpened hearing and stuff he had to smell his way through a bunch of traps though it also makes you wonder why he didn’t smell out the exact path he just took because there was obviously no traps on that path and it was the fact that he wouldn’t be able to follow the exact path that would lead him to the traps. As it actually played out he ended up being beaten to hell and back by all sorts of traps which was interesting.

Going forward he’ll be training but Urokodaki has also told him that if he doesn’t control his sister and she takes even one life then he himself should die as well which is kind of dark but also understandable. I like that people are holding Tanjiro responsible for his sister, whilst they have a little compassion and believe that Nezuko and him have some special bond that is making her less of a threat the fact that they aren’t just saying “if this goes wrong you have to kill her” but also “and yourself because it’ll be your fault for letting this Demon walk amongst innocents anyway” is interesting. So often the emotional burden is left just at the first sentence, if you can’t control her you’ll have to kill her, but in this instance unlike the others they are also adding that he should feel responsible for those deaths as well and therefore if she has to die for doing what comes naturally to her right now then he should die too for allowing her to live instead of doing the right thing and killing her, keeping people safe and not allowing the entire situation to arise in the first place.

It was a small thing that really worked for me.

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