Bungou Stray Dogs OVA : Walking Alone

Episode 25

Hitori Ayumu” (ひとりあゆむ)

OK so I’m still pretty late with this one, it actually is a OVA that I missed but I thought why not add it here instead?

So here it is.

Not only that but it is a Kunikida episode which makes my heart full.

When Bungou Stray Dogs wants to be good it is so unbelievably good I have no words for it. It can do serious fantastically but my favourite episodes are always the ones with strong stories to tell with that hint of eccentric stupidity from all the characters.

Kunikida is the perfect guy for this sort of episodes because he’s so uptight.

He has a moral compass that he follows which makes the serious so much more meaningful because you know that he will rigidly follow the path he knows is right, which is what he did in this episode, but at the same time you’ll have Dazai trying to piss him off, which he attempted, and the others winding him up even if they don’t mean too, which they did, all episode long.

Not only that but whilst Kunikida can do serious really well his seriousness leads to some of the best funny scenes you could ask for.

Like telling a little girl that she doesn’t meet 30 odd of his 50 plus points for his ideal spouse so declines her offer and gets a punch for good measure.

I thought the episode was just a little bit of fun but it actually cemented what I thought we all already knew which was that Kunikida is the obvious choice to take over the agency when the boss leaves or something happens to him.

Whilst it is fun to make fun of the up tight member of the group he does have that strong moral compass and cares for people. Nothing could stop him getting on that train to go do his daily business, which in itself is good leadership qualities, except when he saw a innocent person maybe being put in danger. There was no 100% certainty that what he was witnessing was what he’d been warned about but he still missed his train and of course it turned out to be that.

Also he listens.

Whilst we saw him dismissing everyone else at the beginning he was actually well aware of the bombing threat that had been reported, hence getting off the train to save Aya, and where his fellow agency members would be which tied into how he got out of the impossible situation that he was put into.

As someone who has recently started watching the Good Place on Netflix it was also nice to see the train situation play out for someone like Kunikida. He had to sacrifice one person to save a train full of other people and lets face it whilst he knew what was going on and it worked out at the same time you can’t always be certain that your plan was going to work so he sacrificed not only Aya but himself so that she didn’t suffer alone over the train full of people. It was interesting to see how he handled it, of course it wasn’t perfect because he’d put a plan forward and knew it’ll work but it was a fun little look into how he works.

Overall I loved it. It was one of the best episodes of the series and well worth watching and reviewing even if it came out late in 2017…

My bad.

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