Anime Highlights Week 15

Another week and another bunch of anime to catch up with. Everything from superheroes to mythical beings, Mafia’s to Government Officials.

It is all here in our weekly summing up of our fav moments in this weeks Anime.

Ears of Sand!

Midnight Occult Civil Servants was instantly a favourite for this season and it hasn’t bothered to hold a single punch going into its second episode.

Why this particular part made the highlights is simple.

Whilst there is a blood line and all the rest of it Ears of Sand is a simple and easy way to make what is going on understandable and not weird. It is fun and opens up so many decent possibilities in the future.

As a story telling mechanic it might seem cheap in some ways but it makes the series much more interesting then it otherwise might have been. Roll on highlight two…


A cute little two tailed cat that because of the above plot mechanic we are able to understand.

In not much more then a few moments a very sad story of a bloody cat was told to the point that it made him being taken out of a holding looking after a bunch of notes and being given a new home one of the most uplifting things that happened in anime for a long while.

Yuki might be a comic character in the end, Yuki is cool as hell but most importantly… It was one of the most emotional scenes of the week.


I’m getting ready for Mortal Kombat XI and so is anime by the looks of it.

OK I mean 99% of the time any anime we watch is going to have fighting in it but this week had some exceptional battles from all over the place. One Punch Man OBVIOUSLY has them as does Dororo but on a much more subtle note both Bungou Stray Dogs and Demon Slayer had their moments too.

Blizzard vs Saitama

We all know the story, Saitama is flying under the radar doing his best to make his way up the hero rankings. Whilst he has the outright strength to beat just about everything in the world he doesn’t have the style that they want to market him as anything but a B Rank Hero. Cue Miss Blizzard, sister to Tornado and always overshadowed she finally has made it to be Number 1 at something even if it is just Rank B.

Their fight was interesting and whilst we know that more then likely she would have lost if Saitama had got close it wasn’t meant to be about winners or losers but opening her eyes to what could be. Another lesson taught by Saitama to a foe.

Hyakkimaru vs The Very Hungy Caterpillar

All jokes aside this Caterpillar was on the creepy side.

Most of Hyakkimaru’s fights are fantastic but this one was short and made it mainly because of how creepy it was. If a giant caterpillar Demon wasn’t enough to give you the poops then its Moth friend coming to save it sure would.

It gave Hyakkimaru something to think about as it shot silk at him disabling his blades for a bit but the fight isn’t over yet and we will have to see just who comes up the winner of this one.

It’ll be Hyakkimaru but you never know.

Chuuya vs Everyone

Chuuya is my heart, Chuuya is my life, Chuuya is who I wake up wishing was a real boy so I can worship him in real life.

Thing is Chuuya is also a bad ass who can manipulate gravity so whilst his battle wasn’t really that spectacular it made it in here because he stopped like a million bullets that were about to kill him and looked like a human, bullet porcupine and that is cool.

As always is Chuuya.

Tanjiro vs A Demon Head with Arms!

Whilst this was kind of comedic it was also terrifying. Not quite in the way anything in Dororo is, lets face it Dororo is something thought up in nightmares and whilst it doesn’t always hit the mark it usually makes you wonder what terrors the writer had to go through to come up with it, no it isn’t on that level but Demon Slayer had a decent enough battle in episode 2 against the first real threat that Tanjiro encounters.

What got it on this list is the simple fact that after beheading the Demon he ended up fighting the head whilst his sister dealt with the body.

In the end he couldn’t kill the head but boy was what lead up to it good.

Num-Nums for all!

Sometimes Dororo is creepy as hell, sometimes it has the most beautiful yet terriftying imagery and for the first time we get a stupid ghoulish thing that acts like a baby and jumps on Dororo and yeah.

It was the most hilarious thing in the world that broke up a dramatic part of the show but worked really well.

More and More Chuuya makes me a happy bunny!

Well today is Easter Sunday and I got to catch up with all the Bungou Stray Dogs goodness which meant plenty of Chuuya whilst I munched down on my Easter Egg.

Why this made the highlights is simple.

Chuuya is one of my favourite characters. I never thought he’d have a backstory worth exploring and just thought he was a cool guy that I’d like to see more of him and Dazai when they were teamed together. In actual fact Season 3 explores a past I never knew I wanted to know about and made him so much more then a pretty face, cool costume and brilliant kick ass style in the present.

If I can say anything was a Easter gift this year it was the sun shining on pretty little Chuuya and his not so pretty past.


So… RobiHachi this week went to Mars and we found out that due to marketing reasons Martians are Octopus…

Or at least that is how they dress to Market Mars as the PLACE TO BE! With all its Octopus stuff going on.

Why is it a highlight?

Those colourful Octopi deserve to be a highlight.



That is about it. We still have a few shows that we’re a episode behind with but we’ll hopefully have it all caught up tomorrow. We did a lot today to try and get up to date so hopefully fingers crossed we’ve got it sorted.

As always let us know your Anime Highlight from last week.

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