Something, something AEW

Let me just get started that this isn’t a blog dissing AEW before they’ve even done anything, I’m looking forward to their shows just as much as I look forward to any wrestling show I’m able to watch.

Then again it isn’t a blog going on about how I believe they’ll suddenly shoot up to be the biggest threat to Vince McMahon’s empire either because people say that about just about every other big Indie promotion around at some point.

In fact I don’t think it really is about AEW at all but the fans. It isn’t a dig at them but maybe a question that I wanted answered.

Since AEW became a thing we’ve seen a ton of rumours and some wrestlers actually admitting that they have asked for their release from WWE.

Whilst there is a obvious correlation between AEW starting up and these incidents happening not all of them have been 100% confirmed, not all the superstars have actually been granted said release. In fact it isn’t even like its a huge amount more then what we’ve seen in the past just the star power of them has been bigger then in recent years when people like Cody Rhodes, Neville and Austin Ares have left.

So of course when news of another disgruntled WWE wrestler wanting out of that company pops up the comment sections and Tweets surrounding it are all the same.

“Hope they go to AEW.”

“Another one for AEW.”

“AEW just got themselves a big superstar.”

My question is why?

Why do fans automatically think AEW is going to just sign up any former WWE superstar like WCW did back in the day? People are acting like AEW IS A threat RIGHT NOW to WWE and that guys like The Revival and, sadly now, Luke Harper are bound to jump in on that piece of the wrestling cake.

But why?

Drew Galloway was fired from WWE went off and made a huge name for himself, much like Cody Rhodes has, then returned to WWE. Some of Impacts biggest names have just been signed and have been thrust into the spotlight, in some ways I guess, because of the huge support that comes with their names. This was all before AEW was a thing so whilst AEW in the future might be the biggest threat to WWE right now it hasn’t even had one televised show out so why is it automatically “all these people WWE don’t use are going to be snapped up by a company who have had one show and nothing else.” Why couldn’t it simply be that they want to raise their stock at a shot at returning with more interest in them and a wider audience knowing what they can do outside of WWE?

I get someone like Sasha Banks who is a fan favourite that has been misused by WWE and would be a giant get for a company like AEW but then again why do we think that the people in charge will see the way that Sasha sometimes acts, see the absolute talent of women on the Indies and believe that the best possible thing for them was to have someone who seems entitled, that brings entitled fans with them, to their company in its earliest days that might just upset a whole bunch of talent that they could be growing themselves?

More importantly why do fans want them to be WCW so badly?

I was a Impact fan right back in the days when Christian was one of their biggest names and I very much remember the hatred for most former WWE guys going to that company at any given time. Comments about how TNA, as they were back then, were just WWE Lite. OK I get it that a lot of the times they were getting guys a little past their prime but even with guys like Jeff Hardy who went there pretty early and Christian were pointed at as examples of TNA not trying to be their own thing but copying WWE.

One of the things that everyone says was WCW’s problem was them trying to take the talent from WWE and not bother building anyone new.

So why is it that now, with TNA and WCW as historical benchmarks for this type of thing, do fans think that every single wrestler who might leave WWE, no matter where they are on the card, are going to want to be or be wanted in AEW?

Now before you answer I want you to know I get it.

I am a huge Luke Harper fan and if AEW becomes big enough that I can watch it weekly and they do something fantastic with Harper who is so underused in WWE then I am all for him going. The same with any company who would take him. He is a wonderfully talented man who would be star anywhere he goes whether you push him to main event or keep him in the midcard. Luke Harper is gonna be a big plus to any company who gets him. So I get with AEW looking to want to push their wrestlers and give them the stage they need to shine fans of wrestlers who are underused like Harper might be dying to see what a company ran by wrestlers will do with someone like him.

But there are just too many.

If the rumours of every upset wrestler in WWE that might leave and according to fans will jump ship to AEW comes true then all the wrestling world is doing is taking a little of WWE’s ridiculous signing problems away from them and giving them to another company.

As fans we seem to be cheering on ONE company to do better when in actuality if all these guys are really leaving and more are going to leave with the hopeful success of AEW what we actually NEED is for the talent to spread out and AEW maybe becoming the biggest threat but the other companies growing so that they can home talent that lets face it AEW won’t want or have the space for.

With fans already fed up of Impact no matter what they do because of their history, bored of ROH and being put off by NJPW at times by the Gate Keeping a minority of their fans do all they want is one other company to home all their favs who they believe are being underused and mistreated by WWE.

So what they actually want is for AEW to be what they perceive NXT to be and as such nothing more then another WWE show just not ran by the McMahons so that they can act superior for liking it.

OK that was a little dig at some people who I have come across online but come on!

Wrestling has such a wide reach now and WWE are trying to lock in as many top talent they can so that AEW doesn’t get them, so Impact doesn’t get them, so Progress or ICW don’t get too big for their boots and become a actual semi-threat like thing in the UK. Why is it that our best option is for anyone who is upset in WWE to go to one show, one show that if all these people go to it is going to have the same problem as WWE?

So I guess in brief my questions turn out to be…

Why are fans determined to support only one company?

Why do all wrestlers NEED to go to AEW if they are unhappy with WWE?

How is this going to make AEW better off then TNA was back in the day?

Why do you think these wrestlers would end up being treated better in AEW if they ALL end up going there and AEW ends up just being the same as WWE and signing talent for the sake of having them in contracts?

Why is it every wrestling conversation has to turn into why AEW is going to be the best thing in the world when they aren’t even a thing really right now?

None of this is my feelings for AEW by the way, I don’t think they’ll have a aggressive signing policy like WWE and I’m so happy with some of the signings they have right now like Jimmy Havoc who is the absolute best and I love him with all my heart. These are questions based on how fans online seem to think AEW should work and the reality of what would happen if any company does what these fans think they should. I am more then happy to see what happens with AEW but at the same time it has become the new meme. Like the whole “why is so-in-so in the Impact Zone” just it isn’t as funny as changing people’s names up like that all it is is “AEW” after rumours of unhappiness or people getting really loud about why AEW is better when… Their TV run hasn’t started.

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