Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall

Episode 49

Dakkan Sakusen no Yoru” (奪還作戦の夜)

The final episode and with everything that has happened it isn’t surprising we’re finally going to the wall.

Closing the wall up and getting to Grisha’s basement is the key to understanding everything…

Whilst the episode title made it sound like we were heading off to battle to be honest we actually got to see the character development of Eren when he opens up to Armin and Mikasa about what he’s learnt about himself.

There were plenty of fun moments in the episode including Sasha getting all territorial over meat and Jean and Eren having one of their usual fights. It was nice to see that happening and that was the point. Whilst others looked on in confusion and disgust the actual people who knew them the most were just happy that they had returned to a normal state compared to how they were after all the battles.

As a finale it feels a little bit flat but I get it. It is two halves of the same season so we’ve just had 12 episodes building up a understanding of the world putting together bits of a jigsaw we’ve been building for two season previous and giving us new life. The world is completely different, the Scouts now have people willing to fight with them and people behind them and all the characters have grown in their own ways. The Scouts going out to take back Wall Maria are not the same Scouts that we’ve been following all this time, they have grown so much in a small space of time.

Sadly though we NEEDED these episodes to see that because the previous two seasons did nothing to actually show that they were growing and some of the characters HAVEN’T grown at all.

Whilst we’ve had great moments with nearly every character bar the main three this season gave us growth when it came to Eren and as he grows Armin becomes a better character because he isn’t always going to have to be a cheerleader for his friend and his strengths as a strategic genius will come to play.

Then there is Misaka who had no character growth because she isn’t a real character.

We can now have however many episodes are left looking at the action, the war between the Scouts and the Beast and the recapturing of the Wall.

I don’t know if it’ll take a entire second half of the season though I bet there will be flashbacks to Grisha’s life when they finally get to the basement and I do think that the battle itself will take a good 3 or 4 maybe even 5 or 6 episodes but I have no idea what the next half of the season will hold.

That being said if it is even a small bit of how good the first half was this is going to go down as, in my opinion obviously, the only season of Attack on Titan worth wasting my life on.

So whilst it wasn’t the ending to this half of the season I thought we’d get, though there was a cool cut scene during the credits, it makes me excited for what comes next.

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