One Punch Man Season 2 : The Human Monster

Episode 2

Ningen no Kaijin” (人間の怪人)

We started the new season with a nice reminder of just what One Punch Man does best. Fantastic action scenes, Saitama being a know it all wisdom giver and Genos being kick ass whilst the rest of the world is full of interesting and funny characters.

This episode actually brings both Speed-of-Sonic and Miss Blizzard to Saitamas door but also gives us a look at the actual bad guy facing the world at the moment. Garo, the Human Monster.

Garo is a pretty interesting character, I guess they want to make him look like a threat to Saitama by having him easily destroy a room full of villains and three stronger heroes.

Whilst I doubt he’s going to be much of a threat to Saitama we are reminded why a hero like Saitama works in the first place. It isn’t the threat that he’ll lose in a fight but whether he’ll get close enough to punch the bad guy. In this episode he faces Miss Blizzard, one of two people who shows up looking for a fight at his front door, she’s a strong Esper, sister of Tornado, and wanted him to either join her faction or she was going to stop him from being a hero by attacking. Using her powers whilst it didn’t hurt Saitama it also kept him at bay so that he couldn’t get close.

I don’t know how that’ll work with Garo as right now all Garo seems to have is close distant attacks but he’s also given 6 months notice and claims he is a monster. So they’ll keep building him as a threat, showing him doing these things and then no doubt in the end we’ll see a brilliant battle which boils down to Garo maybe beating Genos, getting some flashy attacks in when Saitama moralises around him and then one punch… And it’ll be over.

Not that this is a bad thing.

One Punch Man does the build so well that by the time the fight comes along you KNOW that is what is going to happen but you also forget it and really believe that Saitama might be in trouble. That is where the strength in this series comes from, having a ridiculously OP main character that you can believe is going to face trouble even when, lets face it, he isn’t in trouble.

In this episode both the fight against Miss Blizzard and Sonic were really good too.

I really liked how they had Blizzard see Saitama’s group of weirdos just walk in on him. She name checked King earlier and it was nice that Saitama didn’t drop him in it so when he walked through the door and talked to him as a friend it was nice seeing her reaction. I feel like all the talk of factions and stuff we’re going to see a incidental faction formed with Saitama at the heart of it, though no doubt they’ll see it as King or Genos bringing them together. Blizzard seems to want to be closer to them in her bid to feel better then her sister and together they’d make a formidable team to be honest.

Though we now have the super hero  nicknames and let me tell you… They are great.

Demon Cyborg obviously for Genos which kind of suits him.

Bald Cape which… I mean it describes him well enough.

Really liked the episode. Some great laugh out loud moments like Saitama overwriting a save file on Kings console, some really decent character moments specially from Blizzard and a threat that will be interesting to watch grow as the series goes on in Garo.

Brilliant start for season 2.

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