Dororo (2019) : The Story of Sabame

Episode 14

Saba-Me no Maki” (鯖目の巻)

You actually genuinely never know what is going to happen week by week in Dororo so with the hidden map on the back of Dororo revealed it is hard to see what is next for our duo.

I like that they have given Dororo her own path in life. Whilst this has all been about helping Hyakkimaru find the Demons to restore his body, and whilst he’s still more focused on his own goals then that of Dororo, it is nice that there is a question of what will Dororo do on her own journey.

Her fathers ambition was to help people, her mother didn’t trust herself not to spend the money for the good of Dororo and now Dororo herself with no input from anyone else has to figure out what she wants to do with this vast fortune that could make her life easier, build a better place for others or indeed be used to go to war.

I really thought the Priests basically stating the facts at her and then leaving was good. He didn’t get involved but like always pushed the story forward just by being there and being wise.

Whilst that was a line all the way through the episode it then took us on another story, one more close to Hyakkimaru.

We end up finding a burnt down temple with a scary looking spirit and a child like thing that ends up being a bit of comic relief in the early part of the episode. It is like some overgrown child that clings to Dororo after the other ghost disappears asking them to buy one. It was a different way of starting a story but it also helped lay some disbelief at the floor of Sabame, the Lord of the Land who looks terrifying with his eyes seemingly set in a strange way and with a red glow about him in Hyakkimaru’s vision. He is way too nice right from the out and tells the story of the building.

It all builds to a fight with a caterpillar that is saved by a Moth that turns into a woman who is at the side of Sabame. She knows of Hyakkimaru as the child who the Twelfth couldn’t consume meaning that she’s obviously a Demon connected to Hyakkimaru’s past. It makes you wonder really.

SHE wants her children to feed, it sounds very much at first like she’s the nun that Sabame was talking about and that she was a Demon all along and that they are working together to feed her children. I think I’m wrong with that thinking.

The ghosts we encountered weren’t demons, we know that much thanks to Hyakkimaru. They also weren’t actually harmful in anyway. We kind of got that from the beginning of the episode and even Sabame’s story. So what if he aligned with a Demon much like Diego did to save his land, the nun found out so he made up a story and they burned down the Temple? Then they can blame the restless soul of the nun, whether they knew she was there or not, on eating the people that Sabame actually feeds to the Demon whom is helping him keep his land safe?

That seems to be the actual story here.

It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in the next episode.

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