Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Bystander

Episode 48

Bōkansha” (傍観者)

Pretty much everyone’s story has now been told and it is time to go and close the hole in Wall Maria, fight the Beast Titan with his cronies the Colossal and Armored Titan and find out what is in Daddy Yeagers basement.

So the theme of this half of this series seems to be to set the foundation of the story a good 30 odd episodes after it started.

We’ve had good backstory pieces on Eren, Historia, Mikasa and Levi as well as a Political Coup that has seen the entire world turned on its head. We are slowly getting a understanding of what Titans are and the uneasy feeling that we know absolutely nothing about this world yet.

At the centre of it all seems to be Eren’s father Grisha.

In this episode we go back to the training grounds to talk to Shadis who just so happens to have been friends with Grisha and Karula before all this happened, in fact we learn he actually found Grisha walking outside of the wall and brought him in, found him a job and introduced him to Karula which kind of made the two fall out as it seems that Shadis was in love with her too.

Grisha’s presence in Shadis life seems to have made him constantly want to prove that he was special coming to the conclusion that he wasn’t special at all much like Eren has come to that conclusion now, funny thing is he did this whole Snape like thing by carrying out this grudge with Grisha which made him want to prove that Eren was like him and not special when the answer to all his questions had been there.

Eren’s mum had told him already that it didn’t matter if you were special or not. Just being born into this world made you special.

Now we all know because of Grisha, Eren is The Chosen One because he has inherited from his father a extremely powerful Titan that can do just about everything by the looks of it but hopefully the lesson Eren learns is that fundamentally there is nothing special about him other then being a human which is special in its own right.

If we go back to Eren being so far up his own backside I might lose my mind.

Whilst it gave us a understanding of Grisha and even gave us the messed up part of the time line they’ve decided to squeeze Grisha showing up again and passing on the Founding Titan to Eren which really annoyed me, it also didn’t tell us much.

Grisha is a mystery we need to solve so…

We need to get to his basement.

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