Ghosts : Who Do You Think you Are?

Episode 1

A brand new show from the Horrible Histories guys and gals see them haunting a old house on BBC One.

I will not lie that I have been looking forward to this show since it was announced what their next project was going to be and went into this with so much excitement.

It did not disappoint either.

We have a whole bunch of new and ridiculous characters to fall in love with all with their own little quirks and eccentricities but who come together in a fantastic way to make a 30 minute show fly by in what felt like seconds.

It really is the simplest of plots, ghosts living in a house and suddenly new people aren’t just moving in but intend to make it into a hotel and bring LOTS of people so they decide to haunt them.

Of course the humour doesn’t just come from the witty and fast paced dialogue but the pretty awful attempts at the haunting which were scuppered by them not being good at it. I mean it is obvious that them trying to scare them out of the house is where the humour will come from but it is something we’ve seen a million times in all sorts of different films, shows and cartoons not forgetting Casper even had a go at it yet even though this is the millionth time since I was a child I’ve seen a bunch of dead people try and scare the humans out of their house it probably is the first time since Beetlejuice I actually really thought it worked.

They were just useless at it but the cut of them screaming and trying so hard to Alison either listening to music or in a quiet house was so perfect that who cares if it is a tried and tested story to tell when they tell it in such a brilliant way.

Honestly fell in love with Fanny, I truly think that Martha Howe-Douglas is so underrated in all of their work. Her reaction to Alison being related to her was great and the big emotional moment where she announced that she had been pushed through the window by her husband, something I guess we had all realised by then, was actually touching as well as funny. Fanny and The Captain had some great back and forth moments and The Captain constantly getting fed up of her reliving her death just had me in tears of laughter. Their plan on how to stop her ruining his nights sleep was also perfect.

That being said I have a bit of a soft spot for Laurence Rickard and Robin the Caveman is probably going to always hold a special place in my heart now. From him beating Julian at chess and just not knowing the words to anything modern to him trying to flicker the lights, his special power, oh my was Rickard on top form as Robin.

Then again as these guys shows always managed to do EVERY character was unique and wonderful and there wasn’t a bad one in the entire episode. From Alison and Mike as the lucky couple who inherited this giant house, a down to Earth and pretty normal modern couple, to even Kitty and her enthusiasm to just about everything and the Plague Girl who creeped even  the Ghosts themselves out they were all wonderful characters no matter how long they were on screen for.

I can not wait to see what happens throughout the series and I so hope we get to hear Thomas reciting terrible poetry and stuff all season long. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned here before how much I love listening to Mathew Baynton speak, to be honest pretty sure I’ve mentioned it a million times how much I love all of them, so having him as a artist who everyone gets fed up of listening to really made me giggle.

Fantastic first episode.

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