Anime Highlights Week 14

So as you might have noticed I have posted over the week the highlights that I have done. My main problem is that there have been some shows that I’ve lagged on watching and didn’t want to post the Highlights till I caught up but you know what? I am just making more work for myself and I shouldn’t worry too much about that, I uploaded them more to show what had been the highlights and so that looking back as a series there are less gaps.

I’ll try so hard to keep this all up to date this season but I’ll probably write or have written a diary to explain why it became slowly more difficult as the Winter season went by.

THIS though is the beginning of SPRING! You know bunnies and sheep, eggs and people being tied to crosses… That kind of thing. Though this year it’ll be known as the RETURN OF ONE PUNCH MAN!

Seasons Change so do 24 episode long series openers…

Not all are great and not all are awful… I say like there is more then two of them. The two we have were split. I really liked the Shield Hero’s new opener, the first wasn’t the best in the world and neither is the second but it was a nice change up for the second half of the series but I really didn’t like Dororo’s.

I don’t think Dororo’s was my favourite to begin with but it grew on me till I realised how strong a opener it was and I am sure it’ll be in our top picks for the year, it really suited the show and had some great little moments that worked with the show like certain little moments having Dororo pop up doing something funny. It was a great opener and whilst I think this one will grow on me at first it was a big disappointment.

So let us just remember the wonders that were Dororo’s first opening.

Dororo continuing to be the most messed up yet amazing thing ever…

When you have to tell the world why you found a statue slicing faces off one of the best things you’ve ever seen you know you are in trouble.

Like most of the shitty stuff that happens in Dororo though the execution of these moments as well as the beauty of the animation  just makes you want to scream and shout about just how beautiful…. Murder and torture scenes are.

It is hard to explain but the delicate way that the statue sliced a face off left us speechless, it was that beautiful in its execution. Doror has a way to make you feel guilty about the parts of it that you want to praise and makes you sound like a right weirdo that loves torture and murder way too much when in actual fact it just plays it perfectly.


I know technically it isn’t this week because it came out last week but I watched it this week and as week 13 is just not going to be a thing as nothing really came out we’ll talk about it here.

Mob Psycho went out on the biggest bang you could possibly imagine with a spectacular fight between Shigeo and Suzuki and then just heart warming goodbyes to all the characters as they went on with their lives after being saved by broccoli.

It just had everything you wanted from Mob Psycho in it.

Perfect end.

To be fair seeing I haven’t actually mentioned it in any of the highlights either and the review will be out this week sometime too the ending to The Promised Neverland was one of the most emotional series endings I’ve ever seen which led me to being emotionally compromised in ways I never imagined was possible by a anime. It was sad and honestly made me want to cry.

The Winter season went out with a bang, it also started with a bang and kept banging up the place all through the first 4 months of this year. 2019 has something HUGE to live up to now.

Evil Fairy Animation Stuffs!

So Fairy Gone is officially the first Spring Season Series we started. Whilst it instantly engaged both me and Lucius it kept his attention more then mine as it slowly delved into a relationship between Maria/Marlya and Veronica whilst having some great action scenes.

It was the animation on the fairies that I enjoyed.

They were big and they were ugly whilst also being beautifully detailed and unique. Whilst the fairy fairies I guess were cute I’m talking about the fairies that seem to have come out of the humans that they possessed. It was a really cool addition to the episode but I guess the prolonged battle and dialogue was what let me relent to give the series to Lucius.


We couldn’t do a highlight for anything without highlighting the fact that one of our favourite anime’s is back.

One of the most loved anime’s is back.

That of course being Bungou Stray Dogs…

No, no… Well that is back too but of course we’re talking about One Punch Man.

He does some shopping, does some stalking, does some motivational speaking and playing of video games, punches one thing and oh boy was the episode good. I couldn’t find words to describe how much I enjoyed it but it was fun to see Saitama back and on fine form, with new stories ahead and a new companion to teach courage too and play video games with I think we’re in for a fun season!

Just… Like…. New Stuffs YAY!

Everything we have so far gone into watch has been awesome. Some stylistically have been beautiful, others have gripped us with the story right from the start and others have had us rolling around on the floor in tears of laughter.

There are still a few more that we are going to be catching up with this week to see if we want to watch them too but right now we’re having the time of our lives and whilst I don’t think we’ll have anything as deep, interesting and fantastic as we did in the Winter season we can’t wait to see where some of these shows go.

New Anime week is always best anime week.



So we’re kind of up to date with stuff. I was going to review all the episode 2s yesterday and today but I ended up playing Persona 5 for about 12 hours yesterday to complete it and then had a 4 hour nap today.

We’ll see what happens.

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