Week 51 : Will Religion Ever Become Obsolete?

The world is changing and with that change religion is starting to get the brunt of most “enlightened” people’s anger.

Thing is religion is more then what some people treat it as and as such I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Whilst our need to find solace in a eternal being might disappear I believe that religion isn’t just about what God it is that you believe in and as such religion like most things will just change.

You don’t need me to point out those things that have been pointed out a million times. The queues outside Apple shops when the new iPhone arrives, the 1 minute sell outs for shows that make entire servers crash. What is religion but finding something to find peace of mind and to find others that believe in the same thing as you? Something you believe in with so much of your soul that the thought of betraying that one thing by buying a different phone or tablet feels like the end of the world? Some part of you knowing you need to be somewhere and only feeling whole when you finally get there?

Religion is a concept more then anything else.

People find so much from just spending their time with other people in these settings that even if actual religions themselves disappear the need to belong is going to be as strong as ever and I don’t see that going anywhere.

Religion itself will never be obsolete because people will always need something to believe in.

Whether it is a divine spirit, something bigger then the world we inhabit or simply that Apple is going to make the better phone year in, year out it doesn’t matter. Humanity needs to believe in things and religion is just a way to bring like minded people together.

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