Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Friends

Episode 47

Yūjin” (友人)

It looks like this episode is going to give us some back story on Kenny and Levi which will be a interesting break from the action of this season.

Whilst we’ve learnt a lot about Titans, Eren, Historia and even Mikasa’s bloodline it is Kenny that holds the key to who Levi is and why he seems to be special too.

Really enjoyed Kenny’s character and the way they told his story was perfect to his character.

Seeing that he was related to Levi and saved him from the brink of death but that he was already messed up to the point that he didn’t want to be a father and just gave Levi the skills he needed to survive. His rise up the ranks and his relationship with his group…

It was a great way of telling the story but not only that it led to a great moment with Levi and Kenny when Levi finally finds out his relationship to Kenny and asks probably the question that bugged him the longest which was why Kenny left him.

There isn’t much more to say about it though.

I loved that part of the episode but the next part was just Historia becoming Queen.

Her plan was always to get the killing blow so that the people would get behind her and she did just that and the people did decide that they wanted to be behind her. It is nice that she obviously hasn’t changed just because she is going to be Queen, going to smack Levi just because she can now and spending time with the Scouts. Obviously they now have a ally in a high place and it’ll be interesting to see what she does now she’s in charge.

Then we get a glimpse of our next threat as the Beast Titan is waiting with Bertolt and Reiner for the Scouts to come back knowing that they will return.

It was a good episode but in the long run nothing to talk about, we learnt about Levi’s past through a great cut scene narrated by Kenny and had a emotional goodbye to him whilst learning the true nature of who Levi is. That was interesting and took up the majority of the episode whilst the rest of it was just tying up the story and laying the grounds for the next part of the story.

That is about it.

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