Back in Time… RAW April 15th 1996

Another week and another RAW, slowly leading up to IYH.

Leif Cassidy

Before he got head (snigger, snigger head) Al Snow was the replacement in 1996 for Shawn Michaels in Marty Jannetty’s new Rockers tag team. I mean he was bound to lose in his match against Marc Mero who was being built to be a big threat but seeing his innocent little smiling face without all the crazy behind it just makes me cold little heart very warm.

Jim Cornette Bigs up Vader

Again the art of managers has been lost. Cornette was the Heyman to Vader’s Brock, Vader did the talking in the ring and Cornette screamed and made the fans get riled up when looking at the giant dude that destroyed Yokozuna the week before.

Vader didn’t just stand there looking amused though, he got in Vince’s face and made himself look even more terrifying. It was brilliant.

Goldust vs Vega

A wonderful match for the IC title. We had Vega spanking Goldust at one point and at another we had Goldust on the mic telling the audience he’d go out into the crowd and kiss every single one of them. There was stroking and a good deal of cool camera angles of Marlena at ring side.

It was the right amount of fun, the right amount of Goldust getting under the skin of people and the right amount of real decent wrestling. Again I was never a vega fan to be honest but I think I underrated how good his matches could be and he played up to the Goldust character so well showing that Goldust’s head games wouldn’t bother him… Well until he got kissed and threw himself backwards off of the ring ropes and seemingly knocked himself out.

THAT Ending

The match ended with Vega whacking Goldust with the belt, Monsoon came out and stripped Goldust of the belt and claimed it vacant whilst putting a rematch on for next week.

So it, as always, begs the question why they don’t do this ALL the time? Surely Monsoon, or now Angle and Paige, would be watching backstage so why don’t they ALWAYS come down and sort shit out? Why don’t we have VAR in WWE? We should. We don’t even need it really do we just another ref watching every match or… No one watching any match and punishing anyone for anything.

Bret Hart is a grumpy old man pass it on…

The entire evening we got Bret moaning about his loss then we got “exclusive backstage film” of him after his match storming off before a even longer moan about “its meant to be a 60 minute match not a 62 minute match”…

WWE wanted us to know that Bret Hart is a grumpy old man if you didn’t already get that point.

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