Shoumetsu Toshi (AfterLost) : Lost

Episode 1

Another season and another show based on a game that I guess I hoped would actually tell the story of the game but maybe… Maybe it won’t…

I didn’t actually check to see what the game was but it becomes very obvious by the end of the episode that this is based on a game when you realise that some magical guy that was attacking the main character was a summons after the other main character summons her old body guard.

Did that ruin anything?

Not on its own but it is one of many red flags in the episode that this is actually going to be one of those frustrating series that could be better then it’ll probably turn out.

What actually made it obvious from the very beginning that this was going to frustrate me was the fact that it felt like it started half way through a show, we see Yuki being tested and then Takuya coming to save her with no real explanation. There didn’t need to be but the rest of the episode didn’t do anything to make the abrupt opening action scenes make any sense.

We did get a explanation on Yuki so far as they can give and about her home of the Lost City which disappeared with no explanation.

That was it though.

It isn’t the end of the world, a mystery is always fun to unravel but at the same time the characters weren’t that interesting, there was too many samey action scenes and in the end it was the poster child of just having a little TOO much in one episode.

Too many mysterious characters, too many mysteries dropped on us and too many “well are they good guys or bad guys” stuff for me to care for. We didn’t get to bond with either Yuki or Takuya at all which will make us caring about their journey hard and the cliffhanger ending was never going to work when there was just no reason for us to care about Takuya and it being episode one why would we think the prominent character of the entire episode is going to be killed off?

Whilst I like a good mystery so will watch a few more episodes just to see if they will actually ever tell us what is going on I haven’t got high hopes for it.

It is easy to watch, that geek character was kinda fun and there is a bunch of potential but it looks like it’ll have the bare minimum effort put into telling a story and the audience isn’t going to be given the chance to care for anyone in the show. It is a shame though because I actually think it is a cool sounding story but I just don’t have faith in them to tell it.

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