Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Ruler of the Walls

Episode 46

Kabe no Ō” (壁の王)

They are going to fight the giant slug that is Rod Riess.

What Riess has become, where he is going or why he ended up being the kind of Titan he is we don’t know but his death is the one thing that needs to happen.

With him dead Historia will also become Queen.

Well a lesson seems to have been learnt and I don’t know whether I’m going to like New Eren or not but everything I’ve said about him he now basically admits too.

He decided he was special for no reason, his hatred for the Titans seemed to not be fazed by he himself being one and he’s a pain in everyone’s collective ass but if he can learn from this and actually become a team player then I’m all for it.

Of course I’m all for it because the story of the Titans and the world itself is interesting and it is only having these brats basically spend their time telling each other they are special and putting more people’s lives on the line because their trio is so important that winds me up. With Eren now self aware that he’s a pain in the worlds collective ass maybe we’ll get a better story all over.

Everything about this episode was actually really impressive though as Titan battles tend to be.

Riess’s Titan was terrifying even to the end, him getting to the wall and raising himself up with his face basically scraped off was terrifying. The fact that they had to explode him from the inside meant that we got a super cool ending to him and it was Historia that killed him which means that once again whilst Eren was important to the win it was someone else who got the killing strike.

Making terrifying Titans and spectacular ways to kill them is something the show does easily, unfortunately it is the character work that tends to ruin it.

I guess that is the important thing, the one moment in this episode where I wanted to strangle Eren was basically because they’ve made this ridiculously over the top character who thinks to start a new path he has to beat himself up because the brat inside him needs to go which just proves he hasn’t grown up but at the same time I’m fed up of him being the OP guy who thinks he’s the OP guy so this is the last time I’m going to complain about that hopefully as I’m going to give him his clean slate and hope he actually bucks his ideas up and becomes a character you can care about instead of a whiney bitch.

By the end of the episode Levi finds a dying Kenny, a dying Kenny with the serum that would turn him into a Titan.


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