Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : Angels and Tengu Above the Shinjuku Skyline

Episode 1

Shinjuku Jōkū no Tengu to Tenshi” (新宿上空の天狗と天使)

In a world where all those Magical Creatures are real there exists a Government job to keep them in line.

Boy was I excited to read about this show.

Its first episode didn’t disappoint either.

For a first episode plenty happened without over burdening us with information, it was nice to see first hand what the group had to deal with and also to see Arata chucked in the deep end on his first outing. It gave the anime a chance to stretch its wings and show off a little as the Angels and Tengu stretched THEIR wings and went to war in what ended up being a Romeo and Juliet-esque story that was actually really sweet.

We got to see the quirks of the two characters that Arata is going to have to spend most of the season with, got the very mild yet exciting mystery of him being able to talk to the “Anothers” whilst no one else can and best of all there wasn’t a annoying character in sight!

Everything about the episode was brilliant. Yet Anna said it best when reviewing One Punch Man, sometimes it can be so brilliant that there just isn’t much to say about it.

I think it was the actual visuals I loved most about the show, stunning doesn’t get even close to explaining how lovely it looked. When the Angels were all flying away it was honestly one of the most beautiful sights. All the characters are really lovely too, it was a visual treat that you don’t get very often.

There is also a whole new world of Anothers to explore.

I liked that the episode didn’t have to dwell on the humans, they went into the field to do their jobs and right away we’re bang in the middle of learning about different beings. The mystery of Arata is going to be learnt through his interactions with the Anothers and it looks like we might get a series where we really get to see some interesting interactions with a bunch of normal-ish humans and other beings.

Really loved the Tengus, I mean the Angels were beautiful but everything you’d expect of a angel, whilst there was something about the Tengu that I just really liked. Also loved just how big the Angels were too, they weren’t just pretty they were giant compared to the Tengu.

Whilst it might not be the most interesting of reviews for it all I can say is that I would recommend this to anyone because it was something a little special.

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