Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Outside the Walls of Orvud District

Episode 45

Orubudo-ku Gaiheki” (オルブド区外壁)

Historia has made her stand, Kenny has made his and Riess has made his.

All that is left is to see where Eren makes his stand.

NOW I got a little annoyed with Eren. Whilst again I think that I get him more you kind of just want him to grow the hell up and the only thing that stopped me from wanting to kill him is that the others called him out on his shit.

He is just a difficult character to care about when all he seems to do is moan and drip.

He doesn’t even hold himself up to his own high standards for others.

It was Mikasa that once more annoyed the hell out of me and unfortunately this time out her stance was actually one we needed to have taken but it is the way she took that stand that made me once more want her dead.

When the plan looks like it’ll be to let Riess eat Eren and try and capture him afterwards she doesn’t have  decent leg to stand on. Again her only interest is Eren surviving, something she’d put the lives of everyone else on the line to achieve. Whilst the plan was stupid and reactionary she didn’t actually say that she just wouldn’t let Eren do it. What if it wasn’t stupid and reactionary?

The person, and the only person, that should have said no was Historia who seems to have fully understood everything she’s seen and heard now and realises that Eren’s dad must have taken the power of the Founding Titan for a reason.

Historia is the only person who should have spoke but once again because Mikasa is barely a character she has to pipe up to once again not give two shits about what becomes of the world as long as Eren is OK even if Eren is OK in what his duty will be. Seriously the end of the world will come because Mikasa is too busy trying to get laid. She’s one of the best fighters and now we know she might have special powers that stop her from being able to be memory wiped and all sorts but she’s too busy trying to be absorbed by Eren that her strength and special powers are wasted.

I would sit here and go on and on about how wonderful Riess’s Titan is but seeing they seem to have given up on animating Erwin’s injuries and we’re meant to believe in the few hours from his trial to now he just healed then the giant slug like Titan dragging itself to Orvud District should be impressive.

Not a bad episode but it is starting to become the same old thing.

Eren moaning for no reason.

Mikasa not actually having a character.

Armin being the only decent one of the three but reverting to also being Eren’s cheerleader for no reason.

Series 3 has been great to this point but I fear we might end up having the same problems I have every season very soon.

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