Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Wish

Episode 44

Negai” (願い)

I keep saying that we’re probably going to get the rescue in every episode, I feel we really will this week what with the plans to get into the cave they are holding Eren in seemingly starting and the speech from Kenny’s people on how they won’t let them take Eren both happened at the end of the last episode.

That being said I wouldn’t mind some more information on just about everything we kind of learnt in the last episode to be honest…

Eren is such a moany drip.

This time though I actually felt bad for him.

Again I don’t believe in the story that Rod Riess is telling and Kenny seems to think he’s wrong too. He is using a vague memory to twist a story we don’t really know about to make Historia inherit the Titan form from Eren with false promise that she can help the world but then also tells her that when she actually inherits that power she won’t want to help the world.

It really is a very good moment, Historia’s story in this episode was fantastic and her turning on her father and going to help Eren was wonderful.

Plus that ending?

I have had many problems with Attack on Titan but this story has actually evolved into such a good one that it is hard to remember how they really made me hate the series before now. Eren might not be the easiest person to love at times but in this episode you understand his pain, he’s seen the things his father has done and because deep down all he wants is to save the world it pains him to think that someone else could use these powers, powers that were stolen from others, better then he could.

Then again Eren is in shock so whilst Historia has snapped out of this world that Riess has created in their heads right now Eren is too caught up in wanting to save the world.

This time out it works.

It works because he isn’t being up his own ass or impulsive about things. He actually is looking at the bigger picture, even though it is obvious to most that Riess isn’t telling the truth, and wants Historia to take his place to save the world.

Usually he runs into danger and puts everyone else in danger when he does it and that is where I hate him the most. After he has done what everyone with a brain has told him not to do and plenty of people have died he whines about it, people try to make him feel better and then he goes and does it again.

This time is different.

I can’t say its character development because it isn’t, he didn’t have the power to Titan up and save himself so he had to listen and learn half truths. Riess filled in blanks that probably weren’t there and his nature of being reckless is still on fine show because Eren’s biggest weakness is he always bows to his emotions and most of the time he’s wrong to do so.

It worked though. Can’t wait to see what happens now he has to face Riess and get over the fact his father stole the Titan form from the Riess family.

Other then that there was a cool fight scene between the Scouts and Kenny’s people which resulted in Hange being injured. It was another chance to see Armin being super clever and a absolute genius when it comes to strategy but we already knew that. It was a cool way to start the episode but for a change the story involving Eren was what stole the show.

Who would have thought that would be something I would ever say?

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