Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka :If this Battle Ever Ends [END]

Episode 12

Moshimo kono tatakai ga owattara” ( もしもこの戦いが終わったら)

Ladies and gents sit back and enjoy my essay on why I hate Kurumi.

Why this anime sucks and I hate that I wasted my life watching it will come later. Just enjoy my Kurumi rant.

Well let me just say to be fair for the majority of the episode some good things happened.

It moved the story forward in many ways, Tamara returning home made it look like Russia is up to something dodgy because of course Russia would be up to something dodgy, in China we finally meet Lau Peipei the final of the Legendary Five who is another sex pest and after having to witness sex between Abigail and Queen we learn that the Babel Brigade wants war.

So yes everything is about sex once more.

That doesn’t stop the fact there were a few sweet moments like the girls going to the Maid Cafe and just generally the tying up of the story as a whole.

Still way to obsessed with sex in this series.

Which brings me to Kurumi.

How anyone can like Kurumi I don’t know, I get that they want to show that the world isn’t all good and sometimes good people are going to do bad things. We saw it with Nozomi’s dad and we see it with Kurumi just…

There was no point in half of what she does compared to Nozomi’s dad and it was also just cruel as hell.

I don’t think she’s won Chisato’s loyalty through torture. She saw a girl who had already been tortured and gone through hell and put her in more pain whilst threatening her with EVEN MORE PAIN if she doesn’t work with them. We see her sit and call someone a liar, whether it was the picture of Giess or her thinking of Kurumi I don’t know but you know what?

Kurumi isn’t doing anything for the greater good.

She didn’t help Chisato and she basically played out her fetish on Nazani who she has tied up like a dog at this point.

I get that all torture is bad torture but we’re sitting here knowing that she knows enough of Chisato’s story to know that this girl was forced to be where she was and still wanted to hurt and break her. There was no reason for it and she’s keeping her alive against Chisato’s wishes when she already knows there is nothing more she can give her.

Now this series has ended and I have no desire to either find out what happens next or watch a second series if there is one but one thing I do want to see if it does come back is what others will think when Chisato’s story is told in full with Kurumi’s part to play in it as well.

Kurumi is a horrible character.

She’s overly possessive of Asuka, she’s got all these drugs to hurt people and never once thinks of doing things for the betterment of anyone but herself. She is a piece of absolute shit and yet she’s the good guy?

Again I know the series wanted to show that war isn’t pretty but there is no comeuppance for Kurumi and I got the feeling we were meant to be on her side whilst she tortured a character who had spent the majority of her recent life being tortured anyway. How this was a happy ending or even a ending that didn’t have a consequence of some sort I don’t know but it was bullshit.

I got to the end of all this shit though.

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