Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Sin

Episode 43

Tsumi” ()

With Erwin saved, the political landscape of the world shook and Levi and Hange on their way to save Eren I feel like whilst the last episode was very politically dramatic this one is going to be dramatic in a totally different way.

This actually ended up being a lot less dramatic then I thought it would be. In fact it was yet another good episode telling us a whole bunch of things that will help us understand not only the world but the characters.

How Eren became a Titan, what happened to his dad, a little more about Historia and her family as well as the Ackerman clan and how Mikasa and Levi belong to it are all explained.

I do hope there is a little more explanation to the Eren and Historia story, the Ackerman stuff was really interesting but we learnt most of what we now know about Eren and what happened to him through a confusing flash back and you can kind of tell that Riess is hiding the actual truth and bending what Historia could see to make it out like he was a innocent party in something horrific that Eren’s dad did.

You can kind of piece some bits together though.

Eren’s dad was able to turn into a Titan which leads you to believe that he had found something that could turn everyone into Titan’s. Whilst Frieda, Historia’s half sister, seemed to have the same kind of trigger as Eren has it looked like Eren’s dad had to inject himself and then injected Eren later to turn him into a Titan. Whether everyone can be turned into a Titan or it really is just a few different people I don’t know but it is starting to look like Titan’s really are just people in general. If Eren’s dad can turn into one and Frieda had a special powered one inherited to her and to gain those powers you have to eat a Titan then…

How come we still think Titans are any different to humans?

They look human, we’ve seen plenty of people turned into Titans so there has to be a bigger connection to humanity and Titans then I believe we know about yet.

It all opens up the question though of why the Riess family has special powers, why Frieda inherited this Titan and why Eren’s father killed her for that power and then gave it to Eren.

Just that part of the story kind of makes you wonder whether Riess is a good guy and not the bad guy he seems to be. He kind of makes you believe that Eren’s family are in the wrong and that he’s a victim to all this. That is until you hear the story of the Ackerman’s.

It turns out that both sides of Mikasa’s family are from groups of people who are immune to the powers of the King, the King’s line obviously being the Riess family who can alter memories. Because of that when the Ackerman’s and the Eastern Group went against the King they became outlawed and had to hide who they were because of course no one would remember anything but what the King wanted them to remember.

Thing is I think we also learn that whilst Levi knows he was brought up by Kenny I do think at the end when Kenny tells of his sister giving birth we are talking about Levi meaning that in some way Levi and Mikasa are related which is sad because one is a bad ass and the other is a mopy boring character I wish was never created. Both though should be immune to memory wipes as well as having some sort of special power that awakens in them as we’ve seen throughout the series.

You tie in that part of the story with the part we learn with Historia and it is obvious that, again, the Titans are much more then just monsters that the Riess family being the real Royal Family know more then they are letting on and that Rod Riess is up to no good and manipulating Historia for his own gain.

He has done that though. She now remembers meeting her half sister and how kind she was to her and very obviously with those emotions and Eren being unable to tell her what really happened not actually knowing what happened himself I don’t think there is any way that Historia won’t go along with what her father tells her. She’s lost, she’s lonely and now she believes that Eren’s family killed the one kind person in her life and that the power he has is her’s by birth right.

Again Eren was all tied up and couldn’t speak, Mikasa was grumpy and didn’t speak and we got a really good episode with no whiney drips and lots of exposition that really interested me.

Another really strong episode.

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