RobiHachi : Traveling Companions ; Journey to the Star

Episode 1

Whilst we HAVE been watching comedies recently it feels like a while since we watched a ACTUAL comedy and RobiHachi looks to be funny in a sci-fi setting which is what I’m about.

Everything about the show was instantly a hit with me.

Robby is a great main character, he’s dimwitted enough that he isn’t annoying and positive enough that you don’t want to murder him. He’s one of those characters that really live on a fine line because if they get the balance wrong they can become too much, right now he’s fine and I already like his relationship with Hachi the other main character and also the robot bunny butler he has.

So Robby is a guilable idiot that jumps in head first to stupid schemes that women tell him about, Hachi is bored of life finding that he can predict pretty much anything that is going to happen to him and a chance encounter with Robby followed by having to go get the money Robby had borrowed from Hachi’s employer meant that Hachi has finally found something in his life that isn’t predictable.

They make a really good team and whilst we haven’t seen much of them together the chemistry they had was great and you were fully ready to jump into any stupid adventure the two are going to have.

One thing I really loved was how it felt a lot like Space Dandy. The jokes were very obvious and it lovingly poked fun at plenty of sci-fi things including having by the end the ships they just so happened to find turning into a giant mecha thing with music playing and everything. I like that kind of comedy and it did it really well.

What happens next I don’t know, I don’t know if it’ll be more of a story running through or if we’ll see a more episode-by-episode stand alone stories like Space Dandy but either way will be good. The Isekender adverts were actually really well done and placed throughout the episode so it felt like we were being sold this idyllic holiday place and not the characters but at this moment I don’t know if it’ll just be a place that they go or if it’ll be a bigger thing.

Plus it is beautiful.

Like it goes through drab looking scenes but the characters are so colourful and bright and it feels like a multicultral alien city that they were living in. Whilst some of the backgrounds looked a little dull, a stylistic choice, the characters really stood out on them especially Robby who looks a bit like a space age Shaggy to be honest.

Really funny and really interesting, can’t wait to see what it turns out to be.

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