Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka : The Magical Girls and This Beautiful World

Episode 11

Mahō shōjo-tachi to utsukushiki kono sekai” ( 魔法少女たちと美しきこの世界)

I have to admit that the beginning of this episode was nearly a problem for me but we got back on track and again I have nothing but praise for the majority of this episode.

Especially the fights both Asuka and Kurumi had to endure.

They really were horrific.

Not just because the fights were horrible or that they both had a hard time in the fights but because they were fighting broken people who didn’t deserve to be in as much pain as they were in. Both Giess and Chisato were victims and of course someone who went through hell like Giess is going to go along with someone who saves him so his death in this episode was actually one of the most heartbreaking.

It also led us to see how Chisato was finally driven insane.

With the knowledge that everything that ever happened to her was all a plot from the Babel Brigade to put her under stress to make her powers stronger. The actual fact that she was so sad that she turned insane was so distressing to watch, when Kurumi uttered those words my heart fell to my stomach.


It is how good the Babel Brigade part of the entire series has been. I was so emotionally connected to the BAD GUYS that one of there deaths, and it was gruesome, and the others decent into insanity emotionally hurt me. Something I doubt will happen with the others.

Both fights were difficult to watch if not because of Kurumi harking back to the days she was bullied and the damage that was done to Asuka. I loved the speech she gave about how sometimes she feels like the world isn’t worth saving but it is, there is a lot to love about Asuka as a character that gets drowned out with stupid unneeded stuff too often. Her whole exchange with Giess was touching and made the episode so much better.

Of course it was the final exchange between Giess, all of his head and half of his torso with his cyborg spine lying in goo below him, and Chisato that really made this one of the best episodes of the series.

Even the hint that maybe Sayako or Nozomi might be the next target for Babel Brigade to recruit was great.

Unfortunately seeing Chisato wheeled out in the most kinky of positions and knowing that Kurumi is probably getting her hands on her next episode already tars this one especially after hearing her story you’d think the Magical Girls and M Division would want to help the poor kid.

Other things in this episode included Tabira being alive and having to turn into a Fairy to regain her strength, again the right kind of comedy came from that and I quite liked the change up to be honest. The two soldiers who have been having a moral debate on Magical Girls ending on the note that Magical Girls are pieces of shit because… Who wants teenagers fighting wars? How that makes the GIRLS pieces of shit I don’t know but I get the meaning behind the words. Of course more Mia and Tamara being badasses and making me wish the series was about them.

This is the penultimate episode so it wasn’t bad and I can’t see the finale actually doing anything worthy of being the finale compared to this one if I’m honest. I feel like it’ll be a bit of a let down compared to what came before it. Even its ending with Babel Brigade looking for their next recruit and the rest of it is a better cliff hanger then anything they’ll do in the finale now.

2 thoughts on “Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka : The Magical Girls and This Beautiful World”

  1. “The actual fact that she was so sad that she turned insane was so distressing to watch, when Kurumi uttered those words my heart fell to my stomach.”

    When this show was on point, it was really on point.

    Moments like that were worth the price of admission!

    1. Exactly!

      It is a shame more often then not it missed its own point because it could have been much better but when it was good, boy did it make me wanna cry for the characters involved.

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