Grimms Notes The Animation : A Fairy Tale Nobody Knows [END]

Episode 12

Daremo shiranai dōwa” ( 誰も知らない童話)

We were in Wonderland now we’re Beyond the Looking Glass…

A fine place to end the series.

“You’re trampling on the feelings of the people who live in them” says Ex a man who made a conscious effort to change the fate of Snow White because he thought it was unfair.

I can see that it was a decent ending to the series, it had a big dramatic battle and Ex unlocking his hidden potential as well as the team winning in the end and freeing Alice and Wonderland from the Chaos Teller. Loki was defeated, the Jabberwock was slain and everything was right with the world.

My biggest problem is that the all seeing Church seemed to not either know or care that the Tao Family go against their own “don’t change stories” line when it suits them.

Every problem leads back to the story just not following its own rules episode to episode.

Now Ex is perfectly happy with killing someone as well as he wipes out Loki even knowing that Loki is actually a human with a blank book. How that even is something that any of the Family should want to do I don’t know, surely it should be harder for them to want to kill a human over just a random creature created by a Chaos Teller?

There was just never any kind of actual emotional reaction to anything or even any kind of discussion on what they were doing.

Plus they sat there and acted like THEY care what the characters in Story Zones felt like. They who saw that Red Riding Hood was corrupted because she was terrified of being eaten, who saw Snow White work hard to change her fate because she remembered her step mum and who picked Ex up from a world where the Fairy Godmother was trying to kill the Prince because she’s sent thousands of Cinderella’s on her happily ever after just to see that it never was a happily ever after.

This show had a great chance at offering a second opinion on the world around us but whilst the ground work was there and Curly and her position made a lot of sense they reverted it back to the bad guys thinking little of the people they are trying to save therefore the good guys get to stand on a moral high ground because they know the people in the worlds are real people.

Thing is Curly and her group seemed to care about the horrible stories these characters were forced to live out.

The Tao Family cared little for anything if their members didn’t want to sleep with the main character.

Because of them Red Riding Hood was going to have to be eaten, Snow White’s entire story was totally changed which surely would bring her world down if the entire point of this series is to be believed, Cinderella probably ended up miserable with a man she hardly knew and Aladdin is still dead because of their meddling.

Sure worlds would have collapsed if they hadn’t stopped Loki and Curly and that is obviously objectively worse then anything they did but to have their quest for the betterment of the characters never questioned, their actions never brought up and the most important question being asked like how do you sit there and sleep at night knowing Red Riding Hood is going to be eaten and then with a straight face tell me that the characters are happy with their fates just made this entire series a slog.

There were no consequences from story to story, they just bumbled along like the episode before never happened.

No lessons were ever learnt, no character development ever happened and whilst once in a while we got really decent episodes you also then get to the finale and have nothing. It was like they were confronting the bad guys in Episode 1 not 12 Episodes later.

I don’t even know if there is anything left I can say about it to be honest.

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