Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Reply

Episode 42

Kaitō” (回答)

Levi and his team are on their way slowly to Eren, not caring what they have to do to get the information they need to find him. Hange is starting a uprising in the city whilst Erwin is soon to be executed to keep the secret of the walls and the King safe.

Whilst Episode 41 was slow it moved the story on to a good place for all of the drama to start unfolding.

Once more Attack on Titan does politics better then it sometimes does the horror and action.

Honestly I really enjoyed the opening of the show with the Coup d’état and getting to see Pixis and Erwin play their own tricks on the people in charge to prove that they don’t have the best interests of the people at heart.

Whilst the Titans are great for bringing terror to the viewers and Levi and his group are fun to watch the politics of the world that they are in is by far the most interesting part of the series. What is being hidden? Who is the king? What are the Titans? These are all questions that are much more interesting then seeing Eren moan and be boring all the time or Levi just folding to him.

I guess this episode just once more reminds me that the main characters for me are nothing compared to every other character in the show.

With the Coup in place and Erwin saved it is time to go save Eren.

This also means that Hange and Levi are reunited which is great because we now have the brains and the brawn back together. Hange returning means that we get a bit of a history lesson about what happened the night that Wall Maria was breached, telling the others what happened with Rod Reiss and how it ties in theologically to Krista/Historia.

Really like that we get the question asked that if a human needs to eat a Titan to become one who did Eren eat and when did he have the chance.

Then again with him chained up in what looks like a kinky sex cave I doubt Eren is currently worrying about how he turned into a Titan or even worried about all these problems anyway. He has bigger problems then that right now.

One of my absolute favourite AoT episodes ever I loved how politic heavy it was and how it focused on Erwin more specially now we’re actually going to get the rescue attempt on Eren and Krista. It felt like such a short episode because whilst it was dialogue heavy you hung on every word. You want to see these secrets opened up and you want to understand and a character like Pixis or Erwin are so interesting that you hang on every word. It made the episode so much more interesting.

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