One Punch Man 2 : The Hero’s Return

Episode 1

Hīrō no Kikan” (ヒーローの帰還)

Remember the days when we used to sit and watch Saitama just hit the hell out of everything??

Well those days are back as One Punch Man returns for its long awaited second series!

I honestly struggled to review this, I had to have a power nap and then forgot to come back to it because reviewing this episode was hard.

Thing is the episode was fantastic, it did everything that you’d expect from One Punch Man and more. We learnt of a prophecy, saw a epic encounter with Genos and a Robot and watched as Saitama made a friend, not only that but we got introduced to what I guess is going to be the first story of this season with two people hunting down Saitama.

All of this was really good.

It set up the season really well and reintroduced the world in a fantastic way. We got to see how life in the city is continuing and all the crazy personalities that live in it whilst opening up Saitama’s world by giving him another friend.

You couldn’t ask for me.

That being said it wasn’t the best of the best openers and whilst a lot happened a lot also didn’t happen.

I guess King was the stand out, he is a S Rank Hero by accident and it seems that he’s got to his place mainly by being in the right place at the right time and taking some of the glory from Saitama. His fame is what keeps him in the ranks at the moment as he seems to draw monsters and bad guys to him but because he’s known for being the strongest hero they tend to scare themselves when facing him but when he’s faced with an opponent who won’t back down he just runs for his life.

It was also nice to see that Saitama continues to keep that cool side to him, he doesn’t care that King is a wimp or anything like that. He does wonder why King doesn’t just get stronger but he isn’t angry that some of Kings fame comes from his own victories and seems much happier just having another friend and someone he possibly can help develop into a better hero.

Whilst Saitama’s meeting with him was equal parts heroic and cool as it was funny and bog standard Saitama it doesn’t feel like something to talk about.

I loved the episode. One Punch Man does what it does fantastically well and season 2 looks like it’ll pick up on that awesome streak of very fun, interesting and action packed episodes that we fell in love with.

That being said when the episode ends it doesn’t make you want to talk about it.

It is something that you kind of just say “hey One Punch Man was really good this week wasn’t it?” without really elaborating on what made it great and that is because it has its charm and sometimes it has great stories but most of the time it is a visual treat with jokes that if you talk about them to any length lose the funny side so whilst you are in the moment you love it but you don’t want to talk about it after.

I know I’m probably in a minority there but I don’t see as much conversation about it as I do anything else, when the season moves on and stories actually start to develop it’ll change but One Punch Man more then something like Mob has a lot more episodes that are action packed with very little to talk about around the action. Whilst Mob for example has a very human nature to it One Punch Man sometimes is best when its just action and stupid stuff all hitting you at once.

That being said after a nap, watching some Cultaholic videos and eating I actually think I did a pretty good job of talking about it. I can’t wait to see how the series pans out and especially to see what happens with King. He looks to be a great addition to the main group and it is nice there is going to be that fresh angle of having a big time hero who very much isn’t a hero working with or at least being friendly with Saitama.

Bloody good first episode.

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