Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka : Each of Their Deadly Battles

Episode 10

Sorezore no shitō” (それぞれの死闘)

After a few disappointing episode I’m glad to say I have nothing to moan about in this review of what turned out to be a great episode.

Gone was all the pervy, comedy shit and in was all the heart break, horror and action I was hoping for.

Whilst Babel Brigade continue to wreak havoc by bringing out their well organised modified Disas, we get to see both Tamara and Mia working hard to fight their enemy as well as the troops.

That in itself would be enough to make me give the episode a plus point just compared to all the crap that came before it.

What made it so much better was the continuation of character development.

Nozomi and Sayako are caught up in the fighting in the town leaving Nozomi unable to run away. So what happens?

Sayako who has spent every episode since she was caught up in a terrorist attack wanting to be stronger grabs her friend and helps her leave the battle field, later she calls out to Mia when she was nearly attacked from behind saving her life. It is the most amazing bit of character development in the series as we see that through all the PTSD, all the pain and suffering Sayako is able to go deep inside her and find something to be brave. Her experience has made her able to think clearer through tragedy and whilst it is sad that anything has had to happen to her or happen again to her it was the perfect bit of development.

Not only that but once more Asuka’s PTSD comes into play. Whilst it always does it is always nice to see it.

All the battles were perfectly terrifying and in the end it was Giess and Chisato breaking in and having to face Asuka and Kurumi that ended the episode.

I can’t praise this episode enough but it also feels a little cheap praising it for actually having decent story, decent character moments and just not being full of stupid things that destroy the tension and drama of what is actually a really good story that is being ruined.

In my general distaste of the series I do think some small things that I do enjoy get forgotten about. Naming of the Disas is one of my favourites with their classes seeming to come from popular horror movies. Halloween might not be as Halloween in itself is a thing but Voreehee’s obviously a nod to Jason in Fridy 13th as well as Cenobites like from Hellraiser. The Disas in general are one of my favourite parts of the series because I love how they are so innocent looking but actually the most dangerous thing in the world.

Also I’m not against comedy in these things and I think a character like Sacchuu is perfect for it, it is the right kind of comedy and the fairy sidekicks of Magical Girls are always great for little moments even in the heat of battle. You don’t need to revert to the pervy shit to make the series good and with this episode at least having that gone and focusing on what actually makes the series good I really bloody enjoyed it.

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