Grimms Notes The Animation : Reina in Wonderland

Episode 11

Fushiginokuni no Reina” ( 不思議の国のレイナ)

Welcome to another review of me telling you how there is no continuation or sense in this anime. Hopefully being in Wonderland will make me happy.

Honestly enjoyed the episode more then I thought I would.

Really loved the strange way they had Wonderland being effected by the Chaos Teller, how Alice wants to be grown up and how the Queen is imposing rules by using Alice and the White Rabbit.

It was the perfect Wonderland adventure.

Have to say the Mad Tea Party were my favourite part, they were just so random and I loved them. With Wonderland being put straight by the Queen and Chaos Teller it was nice to see a little bit of crazy still around with them, plus the card soldiers were a beauty.

It was what the series should have been all along, just a story of how they go into the world and help people. No one fell in love, no one wanted to change anything for the betterment of anything they just wanted to set the world right. It was right up there with Red Riding Hood for being a interesting and fun look at a story that everyone knows and everyone cares about.

It also had the best cliffhanger of the season so far as the group think that they have defeated the Chaos Teller just to have a new threat face them right at the end.

You have to question why the series couldn’t be this good all the way through, so many stories just didn’t work and wasted our time. If this is the penultimate episode and it looks like we’re still in Wonderland for the next episode then it makes me wonder what the point of any of the confusing stupid stuff was.

There were lessons to be learnt that the characters never did because the consequences of what they were doing or what they saw in different worlds never seemed to stick.

They’ve made bonds sure but they still seem incapable of treating the characters with any kind of respect and get to know them well.

This episode was a great one but it followed a whole slog of episodes where the main characters acted in a poor way, did things they shouldn’t have done and made my opinion of them so far from the characters we see in this episode it is like… Most of the series never happened and it shouldn’t have happened to be fair.

Actually kind of looking forward to the finale to be honest based on this episode.

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