Anime Highlights Week 10

Another look back at a week I can barely remember this time with actual complete highlights so I’m not just talking out of my backside!

War! Comes in all shapes and sizes…

This season has so many wars from personal ones to all out Psychic wars and this week highlighted all of them.

From the war between the kids in The Promised Neverland and a world they just don’t understand to the Waves in The Shield Hero and the Demons his father has set on him in Dororo.

War takes from all of our characters but also motivates them forward.

Continuation is key!

Grimms Notes has proven time and time again that if you don’t actually continue the story using the same lore and mechanics that you have put in place in prior episodes the entire series becomes a burden.

Rising of the Shield Hero and The Promised Neverland both proved once again this week that when you have good continuation the stories work so well.

I mean how The Promised Neverland works is that it basically makes you have to remember every little detail because it can come back to help the kids in later episode but I think the Shield Hero really nails this point week in week out.

Once more the fact he had to clean up after the other heroes is touched upon, this time being a lesson that Naofumi tries to teach the heroes themselves but I think it is the fact that he does help people and therefore his name is slowly being cleared that I love the most.

You see in the week before he ended up in the middle of his problems because he was running from a Knight, that Knight just so happened to be one that was there in the first wave who, along with others born in Lute, wanted to help the Shield Hero in the next wave.

It was a great moment showing that the deeds of the heroes will pay off one way or the other and whilst some will remember Ren for unleashing a deadly plague and others will remember Itsuki for leaving them on the brink of death they’ll remember Naofumi for being a defender of people and that is how continuation makes the shows even better.

Reigen the Lucky!

Reigen is a con man but at the heart of everything he is just lucky and we don’t really need to say more then that do we?

He is always in the right place at the right time, he listens and takes in what is happening to use when he needs to use it and because he just believes in his own way of life so much when he does do these things and gets lucky others see it and the legend of Reigen just grows.

Reigen is my fav.

The Bravery of Tahomaru!!

We didn’t really know much about Tahomaru before this episode but he really grew as a character as we saw him trying his hardest to be seen as a man in the eyes of his father.

In some cases you might see his actions as foolish and whilst the underlying reason for doing things is probably foolish you can’t deny that he has the bravery that his brother shows and actually seems to care.

It went a long way to making Tahomaru a even more interesting character.

String Phone memory

Always it is the small moments in The Promised Neverland that really makes the show great.

In this one it was the memory of Norman being ill and how the kids come up with string phones to talk to him and stop the wraith of Mom who wanted to keep them away from the very ill Norman.

Thing is not only did it show the bond that Emma and Norman had, plus in many ways the bond that Ray had with them even though he was distant, but it also showed that Mom seemed to genuinely care for them which again makes the story so much more difficult to understand.

Moments like this really elevate The Promised Neverland into greatness.

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