Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Trust

Episode 41

Shinrai” ( 信頼)

We didn’t stop watching the first half of Season 3 because we disliked it, life just got in the way like it usually does and Attack on Titan was the least important thing for us to catch up with, in actual fact Attack on Titan Season 3 was the one we liked the most at this point.

So we’re back to finish the first half before the second half starts.

It was a slow episode, hard to get into what with us not re-watching the first three again. That being said it was interesting and a good point to get back in because the plot is just to find a way to get to Eren.

Not much really happens, we see Marlowe and Hitch join the Scouts after being caught by Levi and then tested by Jean, Hange uses Flegel to have the Military Police admit that they had Dimo Reeves killed and also basically told them that the Government basically decide what is right or wrong in front of a group of civilians who are now not just knowledgeable about what is going on but also supportive of the Scouts.

We get to see the power of the Scouts under Levi and Hange not just their strength but their persistence.

They never give up and they don’t mind using whatever tactics they need to use to get what they want. We see Levi torturing some guy to get news of Kenny as well as the aforementioned trap that Hange uses. Brute force isn’t something they are afraid to use in their attempts to get their comrades back.

As for the Politicians?

They aren’t doing their best to serve the people or do what is right but to keep their secrets safe even if it means killing Erwin to do so.

Just a good episode and actually the best one to jump back into as it was setting up for something dramatic in the city, a revolution with the people who are being forgotten about and the Scouts actually starting their push to win their own little fight against the people holding Eren.

What is the truth of the world?

What is the truth of the walls?

What is it that Erwin knows that he passed to Pixis and will it save him or even be uncovered in the next episode?

These were things that were set up in the episode.

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