Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka : The Lid of Hell

Episode 9

Jigoku no futa” ( 地獄の蓋)

You could probably tell that episode 8 was a bit much for me. It might surprise you to hear that episode 8 was reviewed and left in the drafts from the moment it was aired I just lost all interest in it with the pervy unneccessary stuff going on hence the review for 8 was crap too.

Here we are though finishing the series like good people do.

Episode 9 went a long way in continuing to put me off the series and made it really hard for me to care for the story.

Again on the one hand the bad guys have this super cool story with broken characters coming together for a thing they believe in. Super cool ways of fighting, sweet bonds that you just love and a actual serious story.

Then you have the good guys who meet the super cool other word General, Tabira, who ends up being the biggest pervert of them all. Everyone is in love with Asuka, we have to hear Tabira ask the Magical Girls if they wanted to play with her boobs and that Mia preferred her ass and you know what?

I hated every second.

It totally destroyed any mystique of the Spirit World because they are just stereotype stupid things. It annoyed me no end when it came to the Magical Girls because why can’t people actually just be friends.

Whilst to a point Sayako and Nozomi are the same it doesn’t annoy me so much with them because it isn’t over the top and they come over as just being kids being kids. The others come across as just being there to sell the story on sexy, Magical girl lesbian shit.

It distracts from what is actually a extremely good, sometimes terrifying, anime with a lot of fantastic characters when they aren’t being used in a ridiculous fashion.

This episode actual saw Babel Brigade start their attack which makes it a shame that everything before that was just stupid as hell. The moment between Mia and Tabira when Mia was leaving to fight the Halloween-Class was PERFECT so why it had to be after the stupid entrance of Tabira I don’t know. It just ruined everything.

I wish I could be a little more interested in this story, they have to protect Tabira for at least 48 hours because the Babel Brigade have destroyed the bridge between the two worlds, the problem is because I don’t think half of this series is aimed at me at all Tabira comes from that half of the episode and therefore she is one of the reasons I don’t care for the series.

Can’t wait to see Mia and Tamara in action, hope we get to see all the Magical Girls fight together and really can’t wait to see Chisato and Giess fighting together but Tabira? I don’t care.

This anime really falls into that mid ground that makes it hard to want to finish the series. On one hand I love it and see the potential and can overlook the things I dislike, on the other hand sometimes the things I dislike REALLY ruin what is actually a REALLY good series.

I just wish it would fall into one or the other so I could hate it or love it. I don’t like that I love half the episode and hate the other half because it isn’t really a feeling you want from something you have to put time and effort into watching.

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