Grimms Notes The Animation : The Maid of Orleans

Episode 10

Orurean no seijo” ( オルレアンの聖女)

So we have gone from fiction to fact as we jump into the world of Jeanne d’Arc.

Again there are so many problems.

Why is Ex so obsessed right off the bat with Jeanne d’Arc and why are they obsessed with changing the story because they are obsessed with the main character?

Why is a historical character being used at all?

Why is no story actually being remembered? Lessons not being learnt?

Why is Ex so happy to sit and talk to Curly?

Thing is I get Curly and the Church, whilst Loki looks like he enjoys the Chaos the Chaos Tellers ARE saving people from the fates they have been given. Why would Red Riding Hood want to be eaten by a Wolf? It doesn’t matter if she’s saved after why is that a fate she should want? Why would Snow White want to be married to a random dude just to grow old, become her own torturer and then suffer the same fate she forced her step mother to have?

I get WHY Ex and co want to help some people but they pick and choose based on how much they seem to fancy the character. Red Riding Hood being a kid had to have her fate because that is what they as the good guys do but Snow White who rubbed up against him got a better fate because why?

How is her fate or her Step Mothers worse then Red Riding Hoods?

How is Don Quixote being seen as a liar fair? Or Silver having to be a bad guy who never fulfills his dream fairer then the fate belonging to Snow White?

All the Chaos Tellers do, all Curly wants, is to help others.

They MIGHT have ulterior motives behind it all, they might like the chaos they cause but at the end of the day their actual motivation on the surface is to help people who are dealt a bad hand.

The Tao Family have 0 moral ground to stand on as they pick and choose what they do as they go randomly through worlds. They’ve CHANGED a world and somehow not messed it up, they become emotionally involved with characters they barely know. They have no high ground because morally they go around acting like they are doing things for the best when they are just doing things to make themselves feel better they have a blank book.

Worst of all though is that there are no consequences.

None of them really think about it, there is no moral side to their team who question their actions. They do questionable things, changing worlds to what they want and falling in love with characters willynilly and no one ever questions it or cares.

There is no story running through it but at the same time even as individual episodes there is no actual foundation for even just the characters. They change depending on what the writers want them to act or feel episode to episode.

It is frustrating.

Why I’m talking about this and not the world they are in?

Because there is no actual story being told this episode. There is a lot of “oh look Ex has a crush” there is Ex thinking everything is unfair and Curly basically asking him to join her doing what he’s doing anyway.

Thankfully this time he leaves the story untouched and I’m still confused how they could bring a real life story into a story world anyway.

What makes these story zones story zones? Can my life be a story zone now?

Sometimes I’m baffled by the holes in these plots.

The end of the episode was great though and it looks like Wonderland is next and even if it is shit we got the Jabberwocky poem read out and that was nice.

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