Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : Cruelty

Episode 1

Zankoku” (残酷)

For a show that started in the sweetest way it had no right to be as sad as it ended up or as good as I think it will…

Tanjiro’s introduction was a thing of beauty as we are instantly met with a friendly, kind and overwhelmingly positive person with a loving family just doing their best.

Of course it isn’t long till terror strikes and whilst he is away his entire family are killed.

Whilst there are no survivors per say his sister Nezuko is still alive just unfortunately for her she has been turned into the very Demon that killed the rest of her family.

Like Fairy Gone though I have to praise it for getting a lot of the foundation of the story down in the first episode. I do tend to watch a lot of shows that seem to have so many questions unanswered for the majority of the season but this one gave us a lot of background on what is happening.

We hear before we even know his family is dead of Demons who are kept at bay by Demon Slayer’s, when Nezuko turns and a Slayer shows up he drops a lot of information to the viewer about how humans that have turned act and shows that he’s seen this kind of situation before BUT that the reaction of Nezuko who must be starved of protecting her brother shows they are different. You aren’t left guessing, Giyu basically spells out what Demons are really like and that they have a bond that is obviously unique.

There is enough story all over for it not to have ruined anything and left you with enough questions and a emotional connection to Tanjiro and Nezuko that some shows can’t even give you after a few season.

Yes I’m still angry at how annoying the Attack on Titan Trio can be after binge watching Season 3 part 1 this morning.

You can guess that Tanjiro is going to become a Demon Slayer if for any other reason to keep others safe from Nezuko and to help find a cure for her, it’ll be interesting to see how he goes about day to day life with a man eating Demon by his side or why Demon Slayers will let him keep her near him.

Just going by the first episode I have to say I’m very excited by where this show is going to go. Very much looking forward to seeing more of it.

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