Anime Highlights Week 9

This was probably the hardest one to actually figure out because there were a lot of bullet points and not all of them attached to actual episodes but I think I muddled through it pretty well to give you the highlights from all the way back in week 9!


It was a emotional week for anime in week 9, yes this is one that is kind of just bullet points that I had to go back and revisit everything to figure out.

I think more then anything it was the week that we found out Dororo’s story and to be honest I think it is one of the most beautifully crafted stories that show has done, showing the effects on war through the eyes of a child. It bonded Hyakkimaru and Dororo a lot more but more then that it just gave us a look into why Dororo is the way she is.

Not to be outdone Mob Psycho had its Avengers moment when the battle lines were drawn. It really hit you with the emotion as Mob had to turn to his friends for the strength to carry on in the belief his family are fine.

On a less emotional episode in general we did get the out pouring of emotion from Naofumi in a wonderful way at the end of the Shield Hero too.

Sooo week 9 was actually one full of tears and sadness.


I think the first point really just sums the week up. When we look at the drama of the week it all boils down to the fighting and battle lines being drawn in Mob Psycho more then anything.

Well that and the absolute drama of it being the day that Norman gets shipped out of course.

It was a week of you being left on the edge of your chair as well as weeping but whilst Promised Neverland might have been emotional in its own way it was just a very dramatic episode with everyone trying to figure out a way to save Norman just for him to pop back up and be all “I’m going” it really was the fighting and call to war in Mob Psycho that used this week to up the ante and make you ready for show down after show down to finish the series.


One of the best done moments in the winter season came when Reigen agreed with Dimple that Mob’s parents are probably OK.

Looking back on it they were right but it was a gamble that Reigen took knowing the bond he has with Shigeo and knowing that he had to calm him down.

I don’t think this moment is talked about enough if I’m honest, Reigen is seen as this great con artist but that comes with a lot of negatives, we’ve seen that he doesn’t understand how his teachings have made Shigeo grow as a human and we’ve seen that the bottom line is that he wants success in his own way but moments like this prove time and time again that Reigen’s heart more often then not when it is aimed at Shigeo is in the right place.

He knew that this was devastating for Shigeo, he knew that there is nothing they could do one way or the other but he also knew that it would be worse for Shigeo if he just blew up. His gamble to agree with Dimple and therefore effectively in his mind lie to someone he cares about for their own good was perfect. It also possibly saved the world.


We were introduced to a new character in Shield Hero and whilst at first she was just another child character that had no real meaning other then for a adventure it turns out she’s much more important then we first thought.

What her relationship with Naofumi is going to be going forward we don’t know but it lead to a wonderful moment at the end of the episode where we could see the pain and suffering her family have caused Naofumi and how deep those scars run in that he won’t even listen to her.

Sliding a important character into the series very close to the end of the first part makes me excited for what happens next.


Dororo’s story probably was my favourite part of this week if I’m honest. Specially now looking back on it.

To this point Dororo had been the comedic side kick that gave us the world building we needed because obviously our other main character couldn’t speak and didn’t really know what was going on either.

Finding out the pains his family went through, the suffering she had to endure as well as what she saw happen to her mother was one of the most heart breaking moments this season. It is also extremely hard to change my mind from Dororo being a boy to a girl so I apologise if any he’s or his slip through.

It was heart breaking and wonderfully animated and did everything in its power to make Dororo a fully rounded and wonderful character.


All of the anime this season have been beautiful. It has used differing animations and some wonderful reaction animation to really amp everything up.

Channeling The Promised Neverland, The Rising of the Shield Hero gave us a look never to forget, it came from Melty as she looked pained at Naofumi turning her down. It was a subtle moment, easily missed, that should be remembered as such a important part of this story even though it was so small.

She just outed herself as a Royal, straight after her elder sister came marching into the town square after falsely leading her Hero into believing whatever the hell he wanted to about Naofumi and nearly destroyed the city in a duel. The pain Malty and their father has caused throughout wasn’t forgotten and Naofumi had no interest in hearing the pains of any member of the Royal Family.

It was beautiful.

On the other side of it the look of relief and calm that came over Shigeo in Mob Psycho 100 did pretty much the same thing.

It was the moment that the fear that his parents and brother had been killed were lifted and gave him the peace of mind to calm down from his emotional high and focus.

Then Dororo did something a little different.

It is hard to explain but they kind of saturated the colours in the flash back scenes and then highlighted the red blood colours throughout. It did so much in making the entire thing more dramatic and sad. Once more making Dororo’s story all that more compelling.

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