Week 50 : What piece of advice would you give child you?

Absolutely everyone looks back at their life and thinks “If I had a time machine I’d go back and tell myself this or that…” specially specific dates of specific lotteries that will make you rich beyond your dreams.

So what is it that I would tell myself?

I wouldn’t lie, the thought of going back and telling myself to do things differently, what choices to make and how to win the damn lotto wouldn’t be far from my mind but at the same time I feel like to do so would be to invalidate my entire existence.

If there was one thing that I would tell myself that wasn’t ridiculous it would be something simple.

Stop worrying, be yourself and be happy.

I’ll never be rich or famous and I don’t think going back and telling myself things that might change my course of life drastically will make my life better. Sure having lots of money would be fun and figuring out a way to marry Tom Hardy might be a hoot but in all honesty the only thing I really regret in life are those times I said “hang on, that might not be a good idea” and instead of just going out and DOING something I stayed back and didn’t.

Simple things like going out on that date, spending more time with someone I cared about, going on a random adventure…

These are all things that I’m certain being added to my life would make better.

At the end of the day as you grow older you realise that the biggest mistake you ever made is holding back on life. Those people that you want to believe aren’t as happy as they look on their holidays every year actually kind of are. Yes we post ourselves at our happiest but those who throw themselves in with friends and go on adventures have those memories whilst I have that memory of turning my back on friends and fun because I wanted to save money so ended up curled up in bed doing nothing instead.

Did I fare better saving that money?

Maybe but also no.

I don’t have as many memories of special things and now that I want them I have too many responsibilities and even more bills to pay then I did when I was younger. Sure I’m still living the way I’m telling younger me not to live but it is easier to change this habit at a younger age then when you are in your mid 30s and used to it.

At the end of the day all anyone could ask for is to be happy and whilst I have been happy I think telling young me that things will pan out so just do what makes you happy, even if they just live the life I have, is a good way of helping myself out.

Then again sneaking in a lotto win would also help in all that!

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