Mob Psycho 100 II : Boss Fight ~The Final Light~ [END]

Episode 13

Bosu-sen ~Saigo no Hikari~” (ボス戦 ~最後の光~)

I know I’m late to the party but here we are with the final episode of season 2 of Mob Psycho 100 II where Shigeo has to face the leader of Claw, Suzuki.

The fight was a spectacle and nothing I can really say will do it justice.

Everything Shigeo has learnt, every bond he has and everything he’s learnt in life helped him in what was a fight against a monster.

Unfortunately to beat the monster he kind of had to turn into a monster himself and there was some absolutely horrific animation on Suzuki as he slowly powered up and was twisted and beaten that ended with him basically exploding from all his power.

As for the ending it was equal parts funny, sad and uplifting.

Things get back to normal, the world was saved by Broccoli seeds and Serizawa gets a job with Reigen. All is right with the world, everyone has learnt lessons and moved on and to be fair the entire second half of the episode was just them building to where everyone needs to be for a potential third series…

Or as I guess where they then start off in the next story in the Manga/Comic thing.

Honestly Mob Psycho II has been such a good series it has built up Mob at every step to be this kid that just wants to help and that was what basically saved the day. He wouldn’t leave Suzuki to his doom and absorbed his powers to help him. Whilst half way through it felt like Shigeo couldn’t do anything to help put Suzuki on the right path he then defied odds by actually doing so.

It was the perfect end to what had been a perfect series.

I know it isn’t a great review of the episode but it is because you just have to watch it yourself. Honestly go watch it even if you haven’t watched anything else.

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