Fairy Gone : Ash Covered Girl

Episode 1

Haikaburi no Shōjo” ( 灰かぶりの少女)

The first anime of the Spring Season that me and Anna have watched is Fairy Gone. In a world where Fairies can possess humans and give them the power to call forth a Fairy type thing of their own we are introduced to Maria/Maryla and Veronica and the world that they live in.

What I really liked about the episode is that it felt like it got a lot of backstory and history of the world out of the way. It was what turned Anna off a little but I think it sets the groundwork for the rest of the season without us having to constantly be learning about Maria or Veronica or the world around them.

It was a very action heavy episode which basically featured one battle between Maria and Veronica plus a guy called Free that then flashed back to the past and showed how a Fairy can get inside a person. It showed Maria being possessed whilst Veronica already had been as was Free and I liked that.

For me that is enough, we know the pain and struggles of the main character and it frees up the rest of the series to be about her quest to find Veronica again and “save her” I guess.

Not only that but it made that clear, we didn’t get a character with a goal that they went on about for ages, we saw her fulfill that goal but that goal being harder then she expected. Anna said it felt like a story being told from Episode 5 instead of Episode 1, that wasn’t why she didn’t like it as much as me, and I agree and it was why we both really enjoyed it.

Whilst the characters don’t feel like characters in episode 5 and there was a bit of a “what the hell” feeling about it there is a lot of angst and story telling that is just over and done with and starting a story on episode 5 and giving us a longer second half isn’t a bad thing.  We didn’t need episodes constantly harking back to Maria’s childhood and a out of reach character that she wants to find. We’ve found her, we met her, we can see the two have many problems and now we can get on with both of their stories whilst we also get to know the rest of the characters that are going to be around the two of them now.

Don’t really know what will happen for the rest of the series but I’m already hooked, it also has a great style and wonderful soundtrack and I think it might be the dark horse of a season that looks to have some really big hitters in it with the returning One Punch Man and the second half of season 3 of Attack on Titan. It might end up being a good pick for our top 10 anime of the year and unlike Anna I’m not one to say things like that after only one episode but there is so much potential for this show.

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