Back in Time… RAW 8th April 1996

Our second review of old school wrestling see’s a real action packed show with Vader, Michaels, Diesel and even commentator Mr Perfect.


As Jerry Lawler has a match against Michaels in this very action packed RAW we got to have Mr Perfect on commentary for the night.

Yokozuna vs Vader

Just a fantastic match to be honest. Vader was absolutely the best of the big guys, he found a weakness and worked it over with no remorse leaving Yokozuna, a guy who we usually have to hear the commentators tell us is unstoppable, incapable of being put down etc etc, lying on the outside screaming in pain.

It made Vader look bad ass.

Lets all laugh at the FREAK!

I get it. Goldust is the bad guy who does crazy things to play mind games, Warrior is the good guy who it won’t work on and he basically just called Goldust out for TRYING. I never liked Warrior anyway, I didn’t like the franticness or his promos… I just disliked him greatly. On the other hand I loved the weirdness of Goldust which probably isn’t surprising seeing I grew up to be a pretty weird adult.

Looking back though we were basically being told to laugh at someone who was different from us, someone with big gay overtones and laugh when he fell over and lost his wig. It was hilarious. Lets all laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha…

Arm Wrestling

Or should we say the Owen Hart show?

Honestly Owen Hart made the segment, as soon as he went the actual competition started and it was… A Arm Wrestling match which wasn’t that interesting to watch. Owen’s constant interruptions, going on about regulations and just sticking his nose in where it shouldn’t be made it so enjoyable.

Owen Hart is a absolute legend.


Just a second pick for Vader. He caused even more destruction backstage and I loved Vader so much. It really was the Vader show.


It has to be the forklift carrying out Yokozuna. I mean… I get it he’s big and all that but it was the most ridiculous thing, then seeing them trying to get him in the ambulance. It isn’t a honourable mention for a good reason its a honourable mention because it was ridiculous.

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