The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Devil of the Shield

Episode 13

Kesenai kioku” ( 消せない記憶)

We ended the last episode speculating what could be happening with that ending and in the end it was the pretty obvious answer and I don’t know why it confused me so much.

So Melty, maybe with the help and acknowledgement of the King, did send those soldiers out to kill her sister. Or at least to stage what now looks like a abduction with the then plan to be to claim brainwashing and kill her sister whilst trying to “save” her.

Whilst the main plan of making the Shield Hero look like a Devil has worked and Melty is now stuck with Naofumi with no safe way to go back to her father the overall plan isn’t working and is just showing Malty up for the deranged lunatic she is. It also is making Motoyasu look a lot worse then he really should with his now end goal to be imprison Filo and keep her as a little girl forever so he has his “angel”.

Obviously it is working because with edited video footage the entire world is on the look out for Naofumi, he isn’t safe anywhere and there are now images of him, Raphtalia and Filo plastered on every wall. Melty has no way to talk to the King meaning that any mending of relationship between him and the Shield Hero just can’t happen and using her “the Shield Hero has the ability to brainwash” excuse as to why Melty sticks up for Naofumi she can bend the will of people around her, specially Motoyasu, whilst get Melty alone when she finally gets her hands on her and be able to claim that the brainwashing and Naofumi are to blame for her death when in actuality she’s just going to kill her.

Why it isn’t working is because the other Heroes are now watching Malty have a break down.

Whilst Melty “attacks” Motoyasu in a attempt to keep him from being creepy to Filo, who he had a special shackle created for to keep her from being able to transform which is even more creepy, Malty uses it as a excuse to attack Melty. In fact the other two heroes are able to see Malty just full on start a war with Naofumi whilst aiming every attack herself at her sister. Naofumi even leaves the battlefield telling Ren that he’ll be able to work it out for himself, and you kind of hope he does. Thing is it looks like Malty has already seen this and whilst she might not be able to brainwash people in the way she accuses Naofumi of doing so I very much see her next target being Ren because he will be the one smart enough and not as deluded in his own worth to actually open his eyes and figure out the plot.

Like the first episode it was a aggravating one to watch in a good way.

It wants you to see all this wrong doing happening to Naofumi and his party and want something bad to happen to Malty. For some it might be getting too much ,any time something good happens it is twisted into something bad and Naofumi is left on the back foot again but that is the point. We, the audience, are meant to be on this journey and feeling the pain that Naofumi is feeling. We’re meant to hate that we know this group haven’t done anything wrong and see Malty literally BURN THE WORLD AROUND HER in attempts to murder her little sister and make Naofumi into the enemy of the entire world.

So whilst it is difficult to watch and most of the time you are just getting angry with what is happening that is what you are meant to feel.

By the end of the episode we know we’re going to see the Queen.

She is on the Shield Hero’s side if only because she knows that they have to come together to fight together but she’s also not being influenced by Malty. Melty herself on numerous occasions throughout the episode sulks and gets annoyed with Naofumi’s hatred of her father meaning there is a good chance that he is actually a decent person and my comparison to Wormtongue in LotR might be a decent one to make. Something is going on with him and Malty, being the one actually doing the brainwashing, is keeping him from being able to be shaken out of whatever this is and do the right thing.

Not only does Malty want to be Crown Princess she also doesn’t want her influence over her father to disappear because of Melty.

We’ll have to see what the Queen wants but I kind of don’t want her to just ride in and make things easy for Naofumi, I like that he’s still struggling and I hope he continues to do so, not because I want all the pain on him but because that is what the character wants himself. He doesn’t want someone else to stamp their power around for his sake, he’s had enough of the world and just wants to be left alone. The Queen might have some good to share with him but this war against Malty is one I want to see Naofumi defeat on his own with his party.

Not that I wouldn’t mind some new members of the party, I know we’ve just got Melty but I’d kind of like a guy… Like that soldier who fought in the Wave with him… Like just to stop Raphtalia getting jealous of every single female in the world for once… Just a little break from it please?

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