Week 49 : What was your favourite book as a child?

I love reading, I am always reading something. I have too many books and never enough time to even start to think about reading them, there are so many unfinished stories in my library it is painful to think about.

What started this off?

Probably the Oddkins.

I know my first book I owned and read myself was a trilogy of Roald Dahl books that started with The BFG. I apparently loved that book and all of Dahls work but for me the book that I always go back to is the Oddkins by Dean Koontz.

It is about stuffed bears going on a adventure to find a new toy maker after theirs had died, a battle between good and evil toys with the outcome being kids having toys that either helped them and looked after them or tortured them into insanity.

To be honest going back to it now I don’t really get how I wasn’t terrified of it. It had some great creepy illustrations and was very dark in tone. The friendly, heroic Oddkins were attacked on numerous occasions, there was a creepy ex-criminal after them trying to buy the business and it dealt with pretty serious topics for a child’s story but it was a grand adventure that you couldn’t put down until you knew that the good guys had defeated the bad guys and that the world was going to be OK again.

There was a brave bear called Amos, a funny bunny Skippy and a whole assortment of stuffed animals.

You just wanted them to overcome everything even though it was very obvious the pain they were going through and how difficult their lives must have been.

It didn’t really leave a giant impression on my life. I didn’t become a adventurer, I’m not really that funny, I’m not motherly like Butterscotch and never wanted to be a elephant like Burl. The story wasn’t even unique, growing up I had Small Soldiers and Toy Story that had that living toys going on adventures feel. It was just a book that I loved to read and still do, I still own my original copy of it and read it all the time. Of course now as a adult I can spend a good evening blasting through the thing but as a kid the adventure would take at least a week of evenings to finish and was a great story to curl up with.

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