The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Raven Invader

Episode 12

Shikkoku no Ihō-sha” ( 漆黒の異邦者)

So after Naofumi basically saves the day a new foe shows up claiming him to be the only Hero and challenging him.

Can he survive the fight with Glass?

The answer is barely.

Like Naofumi this episode really ended with us questioning what the Waves are all about, Glass wasn’t part of the Wave but she claimed herself the true battle of the Wave. Is she just trying to kill the Heroes so that the calamity will happen in full? Are the Waves some natural thing that will happen and there are humans in the background that do the damage more so then the actual Waves themselves?

Glass left us a lot of questions and not much answers.

It is nice though to have a proper goal. The Waves are a great threat but it is a unknown threat, what says the next Wave won’t be weaker then this one? This one wasn’t really that difficult it was just trying to find exactly how to make the bad guy appear that was difficult, so having a over powered person that seems to be working as a group that must be just as over powered at least gives Naofumi something to work against. We now want to see him beat Glass, he wants to be able to beat Glass and whilst the majority of the drama in the series has been about the tension between the Royals and Naofumi, something that will be continuing as we’ll talk about in a minute, there is also a very real threat he needs to level up for.

She was a really cool addition to the story.

Also it was a very spectacular fight. Really loved how she couldn’t really hurt Naofumi but he also couldn’t hurt her, it was a interesting standoff that looked absolutely amazing to start the episode off with. After he ran away though she disappeared and with the King summoning Naofumi to see him pretty soon after we didn’t really get to dwell on who she is or what her presence means. All Naofumi knows is he has to get stronger and faster which includes getting the girls a class upgrade.

Obviously the second half of the episode was all about Melty, the King, Malty and the power struggle going on there.

I think by the end of the episode it was obvious what was going to happen but at the same time it doesn’t make too much sense to me. I’m getting a real Grima Wormtongue vibe from Malty at the moment, when the King was with Melty he seemed a much different character and there were moments where it looked like he was troubled himself by all this. He muttered about losing his family or something to the Shield Hero and I wonder if there is something we don’t know about the history of the country that relates to the Demi-Humans or if Malty is in his ear telling him terrible things and he’s kind of been brainwashed.

Personally I don’t think he’s a nice person in general but I think a lot of what is going on has a lot of hidden fears and anxieties behind them that might be being made worse by Malty. As I said the effect of her twisting him around her little finger is driving him to force the Shield Hero further and further away from him.

So when Melty sticks up for herself against Malty it wasn’t a surprise later in the episode to see some of the Royal Guard attack Melty and have Naofumi defend her.

I don’t get it though.

Melty is the Crown Princess. She’s next in line. The King very much seemed to respect and love her so her death… I just don’t see what it really is going to achieve. They did have a crystal ball with them so I’m guessing they would have recorded what happened and altered it so that Naofumi was set up for killing Melty, maybe hoping to play on him hating the Royals but I don’t see why Malty would believe that he wouldn’t save her sister?

It is either Malty really not getting Naofumi or even NOW when he’s saved Melty there is something else about to happen.

Now I’m thinking about it if they can edit out what happens they can edit out the Guard attack and have it look like Naofumi grabbed Melty. With the rumours he’s attempted to rape one Princess still lingering it won’t take much for this to be used as proof for him “going back to his old ways” but it just makes little sense to me. I can’t see why anyone would then not turn to Melty when they inevitably return and ask her and take her word for it when she seems to be well respected or just question it in general.

Maybe I’m over thinking it and the entire point is just to have Melty killed and the Guard was just unlucky or whatever in not doing it.

What we do know is that Melty is probably 100% joining the entire team now and we’re on our way to a place that has Shield in the name and Boss was just about to say something about “being the Shield Hero” so probably is in love with the Shield Hero or something which would be nice.

Plus more Demi-Humans and I would like to see more of their world and lives to be honest. I don’t really care much about Raphtalia and her story but I’d like to hear more about the abuse they suffer and see if there is anything to the King being afraid of what the Shield Hero and Demi-Humans can do. The other Demi-Human Kingdom/Village/Whatever is about Demi-Human superiority so what if the Demi-Humans are actually the dominant species on the planet and maybe humanity was bred from people from another dimension who took over as Humans tend too and the problem with the Shield Hero is that he tends to be the one with most compassion being the defender therefore tends to big up the Demi-Humans and the King is worried that, especially now he’s so strong, Naofumi might actually help put Demi-Humans back in charge of the country.

That’s something to think about…

2 thoughts on “The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Raven Invader”

  1. You brought up a lot of good questions! The same kind of things have been bugging me, and it’s to the point where it’s really getting in the way of me enjoying the series!

    Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot I _do_ like, but with the motivations of key characters like Malty so opaque (to the point she appears completely irrational), it’s had to engage.

    1. You see I’m the opposite, it is annoying and frustrating to watch but I’m kind of enjoying it because I have hope it’ll come to a decent conclusion but I get why it is off putting.
      There is a point where Malty being the antagonist needs to have a explanation and I think we might see that NOW with this coming story. Till now you could kind of shrug away but if this doesn’t backfire on her, if there aren’t consequences and if her actions aren’t explained more then just Melty and Naofumi deciding it is because she wants to be Crown Princess then it might leave a bit of a bad taste in most people’s mouths.

      Hoping this story ends us having to second guess what is going and and we have a clearer path going forward.

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