Mob Psycho 100 II : The Battle for Social Rehabilitation ~Friendship~

Episode 12

Shakaifukki-sen ~Yūjō~” ( 社会復帰戦 ~友情~)

This is the penultimate episode, because I never bother to actually look at how many episodes anything has I’m always confused. THIS is the penultimate episode building to the final boss battle…

It was a great episode with two very different foes that had to be dealt with in different ways. What made it better was that we got to see the same old Shigeo doing what he always does but even more confident, and boy is it nice seeing him go nearly full out with his power whilst having his emotions under some sort of control.

His fight with Serizawa was really emotional.

We already knew that Serizawa had been a shut in but seeing how he portrayed his relationship with Suzuki to how it actually was, and Shigeo as well as the audience saw right through it, was one of the most upsetting things I’ve seen in a while. A man that was lonely and had no one to reach out too was found by a power hungry bad guy who abused his kind nature to make him do terrible things. It had its fun moments, as Mob Psycho always inevitably does have, but it reminded us that at the heart of the entire show there is a very human story being told about a lot of the characters.

Loved that Shigeo told him that he’d be his friend but it really hit me when Shigeo took his power and saw his pain so sent it back and showed him his as well. That was just a beautiful moment.

It was also the moment that in some ways will turn the war in their favour.

Whist Serizawa is no match for Suzuki if Shigeo gets serious then he might be and with Reigen being attacked and only saved by Serizawa it was enough to put Shigeo at 100% rage as well as focused on bringing down Suzuki, he doesn’t even want to teach him a lesson verbally anymore he’s done with words and will put him down for hurting the people he cares about as well as the city they live in.

Honestly it set up for what looks like a explosive final episode which I can’t wait for.

Really liked that Shigeo truly tried to talk some sense into Suzuki as it was so in Mob’s personality to do so but even more I love that Suzuki got to show off his true self. There were no moments where he looked like he was going to change his mind or anything else, his power is the ability to give and take power and he saw Shigeo do the same and marked him as a Mortal Enemy and I liked that. Whilst I love bad guys with shades of grey sometimes it is just nice to see a bad guy that is a bad guy.

Suzuki is a bad guy who wants total power.

It really is leading to what will be a very cool final episode where we hopefully get to see Shigeo not only use his powers to defeat Claw once and for all but to help people which is honestly all he wants to do.

It’ll also give that crazy religion another glimpse of their hero…

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