Week 48 : When and where do you feel like your real self? Why?

Sometimes you have to put a mask on when facing your day to day life but most people have at least one thing that they can be themselves when they do it.

For me it is when I’m out and had a few drinks.

To be honest I don’t go out very often and I’m really anti-social but after a few drinks like most people I can’t really hide behind anything anymore.

That being said the effect isn’t having a more sociable and happy me I turn into a complete dick because I am a dick. I get moody and more agitated at people trying to talk to me, I like a good dance but hate when people think I want to dance with them or close to them. I’ll tell people what I really think of them so if someone is trying to butter me up to buy them drinks they’ll know that I really don’t care about anyone enough to spend my money on them.

I think most people are more themselves when they are drinking. Some people say everyone gets a bit more jolly but I’ve seen people completely go into themselves because at heart they are introverted and the drink just reminds them why they are, similarly I’ve seen introverts come out of their shell because deep down all they want to be is like everyone else.

Not saying all introverts feel that way I just mean some.

I don’t get that with things like gaming or in groups of like minded people because to be honest my biggest problem is other people so I always have to hide who I am around them and gaming just brings out my nasty side.

If there was one person that I can be myself with it is Anna purely because she’s a miserable git like me and we spend most of our time together just being miserable and quiet.

It is strange what brings you out of your shell really.

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