The Rising of the Shield Hero : Catastrophe Returns

Episode 11

Saiyaku, Futatabi” ( 災厄、再び)

The next wave is upon us and with a fully equipped party this time out defending villagers and being a true hero is surely going to be much, much easier for Naofumi…

What it also means is that he is able to actually go to the heart of the fight when the other heroes can’t figure out how to end it and show off his true power. Not that they appreciate it, still seeing the world as some sort of game that they have to beat they accuse him of using some kind of cheat just because they are incapable of seeing the Shield as a offensive weapon.

Unfortunately they still see this as a game and are all easily led by Malty. I don’t really see it changing either.

Naofumi spends much of the episode trying to get through to them, figuring out problems and actually fighting the Soul Spirit or whatever it is called whilst the others stand around like this isn’t a fight for the life of every single person on the planet. They keep exclaiming “but that didn’t happen in the game” like they’d just respawn if they get killed on this giant, beautiful flying ship they are all fighting on. Malty obviously doesn’t want anyone to help Naofumi either so she’s happy to stand back and be the biggest piece of racist shit to Raphtalia she can be whilst the boys just… Stand and watch.

As true heroes would.

Personally I thought that Ren might have started to actually see the world in a different light after Naofumi told him what happened with the Zombie Dragon but whilst he kind of is the person who is more easily persuaded to move in and help he is still the person who see’s the Shield doing actual damage and says it is some kind of cheat. That kind of hurt because as I said he kind of got that the world wasn’t what he was seeing it as but a actual world full of people yet he still was cold and looking at it the wrong way.

So in other words even when Naofumi comes and basically defeats the bad guys the other heroes look down on him and find ways to act like he didn’t actually just do all the work.

That being said some random woman called Glass has appeared, named herself the final battle of the wave and marked Naofumi as the only true hero so I wonder how the others including Malty will react to that in the next episode.

Again the episode was just wonderfully put together, the action scenes were flawless and they built tension really well during it. They even got all this hate and annoyance at each other into the episode without having to stop action and have monologues or fighting between the heroes themselves. It was really well played out the entire episode.

Also once again it had a wonderful throwback to the old lady that Naofumi helped, she showed up and turned out to be some sort of Martial Arts genius that could take down just about anything with one blow, I don’t think she’ll join the party for some reason but it would be cool to see if she teaches Naofumi’s party anything afterwards. Also the Zombie Dragon made a return as Naofumi went deep to use the Curse Shield and opened a whole bunch new once when the Zombie Dragon corrupted it, having Raphtalia being able to bring him back but Naofumi actually being able to call it and in some ways see through the hatred and fog was interesting.

It was also interesting how it effected Filo, I don’t know if we’ll get a explanation for that but if there was any show that would go out of its way to explain it it’ll be this one.

Somehow I missed this was a 25 episode series which makes more sense seeing that the 12th episode is going to be end of Wave 2, I can’t wait to see what actually happens in the next episode and how the landscape changes, we have another village who were already positive towards the Shield Hero who have been saved by him and whilst Motoyasu and Malty might be dicks about it all the other two Heroes are never shy to admit when the Shield does something worthy.

This time not only did he save a village he probably is about to end the wave too.

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