Mob Psycho 100 II : Guidance ~Psychic Sensor~

Episode 11

Shidō ~Kanchi Nōryoku-sha~” (指導 ~感知能力者~)

WAR! What is it good for? Taking over Seasoning City and watching adults get beat up by children that’s what!

Again I don’t think there is much to say other then just how well put together it was.

Especially  the fight against Shimazaki which turned into a 1 vs everyone type deal and Mob vs Minegishi which saw the brief return of Mogami as the evil spirit of Matsuo who along with the other 7th Division Scars are on Mob’s side now.

We’ll start with Mob vs Minegishi.

It was another of those moments where Mob has to learn a lesson, what he took from that lesson later on was the Shigeo version of what he hears but it was a good lesson he had to learn and it has shaped him up to be such a wonderful young man. To be fair though he struggled a little to fight Minegishi who had a bunch of henchmen with him, I’m sure he would have overpowered him before long but it was really Matsuo and his evil spirits that saved the day, specially Mogami.

You guessed it Mogami was the person to give Shigeo his lesson and his lesson was sometimes you have to be hard on other people.

Which later on meant Shigeo told others that they’d get in his way so they had to let him fight Claw on his own.

I like it though. Shigeo honestly listens to all the advice given to him and this episode showed that. Any ridiculous thing Reigen has said to him, anything his Club Captain has said or a friend might have muttered or even a bad guy has told him sticks in his mind and he puts it to practice in his own way. Whilst Shigeo doesn’t come across as the smartest or the most out there person he hides who he is very deep down and all these lessons turn back to one thing.

He wants to help people. He wants people to be safe. He just wants to live his life.

That is how he twists every single lesson and it was nice to see him not just explode and use his powers in some sort of Berserk rage in this season but actually learn that he doesn’t need to hide his powers if it means he’s going to help people. His entire world view has changed in just one season and he is now able to use his power in a way he feels comfortable to do so whilst using small lessons like sometimes having to be harsh to help him keep what he cares about safe.

Really have loved watching Shigeo grow and it is going to be the important part of the finale of this season. He’s going to use what he’s learnt and how the world has shaped him to sort out the mess that the Espers have made of it.

On the other hand the fight against Shimazaki was just a wonderfully put together action scene with so many different people fighting. Shimazaki has way too many powers but it was interesting to see Teruki kind of analyse him as the fight went on so that they could come up with a plan of attack. Whilst he ended up being too strong for them still as a group he had to turn to a super, super power to do so.

That being said his fight with Teruki actually sent chills down my spine and made my stomach flip upside down. I seriously felt uneasy watching it because it was just so brutal and whilst in the end as you’d expect nothing that happened to Teruki did anything that serious it was hard to watch in the good way. It made you feel like you were watching a character you cared about being murdered which made when he blocked the attack and made it clear he now knew Shimazaki’s weakness so much better.

The nail on the coffin of perfection though comes from how that fight ends.

Mob Psycho 100 is a comedy with a very serious and heart warming line running through it. They don’t shy away from making the bad guys seriously bad or making the fights brutal and disturbing but they always return to the heart of the series which is Shigeo’s growth as a character, the bonds that he makes along the way and Reigen being the luckiest man that ever lived.

One of the coolest scenes was when Shimazaki sensed Shigeo on his way towards them, watching Mob walk among the rubble on a straight path to the person who was hurting the people who meant most to him was one of the coolest scenes you’ll ever watch, made even better if you have followed the story and are in any way attached to the characters.

It then became a comedy gold mine as well as working dramatically when out of nowhere Reigen shows up and batters Shimazaki, we get a explanation of his special move Self Defense, which was hilarious and perfect Reigen, and then the perfect end to everything… Shimazaki believing he’s a powerful enough Esper to have hidden his aura and that between Reigen and Mob he had no chance so he ran away. It keeps the mystique with Reigen going, rebuilds a little of what was lost during his story arch, but ultimately reminds us why they make such a good team AND made us chuckle in the middle of a battle that has been emotional to watch.

Safe to say the ending to this season has been immense.

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