Dororo (2019) : The Story of Banmon, Part 1

Episode 11

Banmon no Maki-jō” (ばんもんの巻・上)

Finally Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru meet.

Or are at least in the same place as each other.

Again like The Rising of the Shield Hero I had no idea that this series was going to be 24 episodes long so this road we are on is still along way from finishing but that actually feels kind of weird seeing this episode feels very much like the penultimate one of a entire season.

Mainly because by the end of it Hyakkimaru and his father Deigo end up facing each other down on the battlefield.

As a episode it was pretty good, we knew that the build up was really to Hyakkimaru facing his father or for Tahomaru to do more then just wander around the place looking angry at everyone and everything but it was a fun episode with some really good moments. The Priest is back and he’s gone to investigate the shrine that Deigo uses, he’ll be more in the know when he finally steps foot in there I’m sure, we have another kid in need that Dororo and Hyakkimaru are more then happy to help and a wonderful fight against Fire Fox Spirits.

Other then that there wasn’t much to it.

Again as I say whenever there is a two part story this part is really building up for what comes next and it wasn’t a bad episode for that. We are already invested in the story being told as it is the story of the entire series anyway, Hyakkimaru is face to face with his father and we’re sure to find a lot out about everything in the second episode.

Whilst there wasn’t much to talk about in the episode it didn’t drag or feel like a pointless one like the one with Mio. It got its point across and also brought the parties together. Tahomaru now, thanks to the deranged Midwife, knows kind of who Hyakkimaru is and has also kind of been warned that the “Demon Child” was “eaten” by Demons which again because of how he is it is hard to imagine if he’s going to end up on the side of his brother or father. Deigo himself was told by Tahomaru’s guards about Hyakkimaru and has his wife tell him that maybe they deserve what is coming to them.

It all built to a great end to the episode and the episode itself was great but it very much was a build up to something we can’t see till next week.

Which isn’t a bad thing.

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