DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #14

So Loaded kind of had a dip but the last few weeks have been pretty good. Some great story telling and it looks like Magnificent Seven is going to be a big turning point for the company which I’m excited for.

Last week started with a fun match, had a decent match then ended with two fantastic matches and this week has some absolute stunners on the card so…

I really can’t wait.

Winners : Lana Austin & Lizzy Styles

It was a pretty decent match but my main problem was that, rightfully so I guess, Priestley was the hot tag and instead of having a interesting fast paced beginning to the match it seemed to go quite fast into Kanji getting her ass kicked just waiting for that hot tag to Priestley.

The end part of the match was too rushed, the stunner off the top rope was a cool idea but looked terrible in execution and Kanji at that point just shouldn’t have been in the ring. It was bad story telling and she then got pinned by Styles again which is either going to see the RIGHT result of Styles winning the belt soon or is going to see Kanji “finally win” which isn’t a interesting story to be telling when it comes to a champion!

She was the weakest part of the match and now they are making that her story and that is not helpful.


First up loved Miller, Ameen and Random Adam with the stupid briefcase thing, those three are my absolute favourites at everything. Love them so much.

After they stopped Kanji came to vacate the title, Ameen’s speech was brilliant but I just can’t like her. She was a tiny bit better but whoever wrote that for her got the entire thing wrong and she got the energy wrong. Improvement though. I feel like I’m just being a dick and I feel bad but I just don’t like her at all.

Winner : Joe Hendry

This match was so good story wise. They are two of the best story tellers in DEFIANT, in wrestling in general, and they do it all in the ring. Starr still being hurt from the beat down a few weeks ago which led to this match being postponed, Hendry trying to be the good guy and not wanting to fight Starr when he wasn’t 100%, the slaps to get Hendry to shut up and fight…

It might not have been the most exciting match that the two of them could have but boy did it work for me.

Ended in count out but you feel this match is going to happen at some other point and now that Hendry is back to just wrestling instead of what he was doing as leader of his little group this match is going to be absolutely amazing. Starr after the match refused help back to the backstage are and I just really love these two so much, DEFIANT have just two of the best guys they could ask for right here.

After the match Hendry demands a match with Kidd at Magnificent Seven, can’t wait for that one.


“We’ve been running for a week” pants Santos…

Honestly I just love these three together and I like that they have Omari following them around, again it wasn’t really worth mentioning but I love it.


So Hendry needs to convince Ameen to let Kidd fight him at Magnificent Seven seeing that he’s been suspended  and Ameen gives him that but at the same time there is apparently a restraining order or something going on in Lucky Kids mind and that means he can’t be at DEFIANT if he can’t be close to Ameen….

I very much hope this wasn’t Kid leaving DEFIANT and maybe just a heel turn or something because I would be heartbroken to see Lucky Kid go. Absolutely fucking devastated.


So superstar Benji is out to address the fans and again I just love this so much. I don’t know if DEFIANT knew that, because he’s from Newcastle, he would be loved this much or if this was just a happy accident but boy am I loving the rise of Benji.

He calls out Kirby who doesn’t show up and already told the world he won’t wrestle for free.

With that being said Benji calls out ANYONE but I don’t think he wanted what he got…

Winner : Rory Coyle

You see we haven’t actually seen that much of Coyle in the ring but this is a good way to make him seem like the unstoppable, unmovable force that you kind of need to be to fight Rampage. Benji got his offence in right off the bat but whilst he phased Coyle a little bit it was like watching someone hit a wall that has a few loose bricks in it.

When Coyle hit Benji it was very hard and took its toll on the much smaller Benji.

In the end Coyle wins and Benji gets stuffed in the sack before being beaten with the mannequin arm. He then sat down to cut a promo about how he isn’t a wrestler he’s a devil when the actual beat down on Benji and match in general wasn’t that bad to be honest. Not compared to some things that he has done post-match or in run ins.


Omari catches Dunne just as Santos dies of tiredness and to get out of being beaten up I guess Dunne gives Omari a No Fun Championship match at Magnificent Seven which makes little to no sense.

I mean he ran away from him after Omari had a match and he hadn’t had a match, ran for a week then said he wanted a one-on-one match with him. I mean I’m happy, I think it’ll be a brilliant match and I can’t wait for it, but it makes little sense.

Winners : SCC

So before the match SCC attacked Aussie Open with a chair taking out the giant Australian Bears leg but being the fighting champions that they are he decided to continue with the match which is stupid and made me cry.

From there it was a smart match against a ref that just proved that he didn’t really know what to do. SCC used their numbers and just kind of swallowed up Fletcher, continuing their attack on Davis on the apron by taking out his knee.

It was a interesting match if not a great one, again like the Starr/Hendry match it told a really great story with SCC doing everything they could to get the belts from pulling the ref out of the ring, bringing chairs back into the match later on and just basically being everywhere doing everything they could do.

Even then there was a bit of me that was like this is all going really fast but I really liked it. It made Aussie Open look strong still, made SCC seem super smart and made the crowd chant bullshit nearly as loud as they shower PAC with bastard chants. Just the perfect way for them to win their match I guess.


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