DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #13

So I actually went out to a pub quiz the week this aired and just never found the time (I was too depressed to sit and watch it) to catch up so here is the catch up guys! Seeing the next time I’m going out drinking is a Saturday hopefully we’ll catch up and go back to being a weekly thing.

Winner : El Phantasmo

I’ve said it before but what I love about El Phantasmo is that he can blend what he’s doing to match up with who he is in the ring with so whilst his normal ridiculously brilliant moves are in the match no two El Phantasmo matches ever feel the same as he takes on his opponent using their strengths against them.

It made for one of the best Omari matches we’ve seen so far, and that is saying something seeing he’s usually pretty brilliant, but also just made for a fantastic and fun opening match for the episode.

Match was great but the ending was fantastic and hilarious at the same time. Dunne comes down to distract Phantasmo just to chuck the glasses in to Omari making it look like Omari had them all along. It was a brilliant moment to continue Omari and Dunne going forward but also hilarious because it was so ridiculous. The fact that he actually attacked the guy in the ring thinking he really had been keeping his glasses hidden all along.


The way to make Renshaw a little interesting? Have him join the Magnificent Seven match and start a fight with HT Drake over his hometown of Sunderland…

Winner : HT Drake

I want to start by saying I love how they put the Anti-Fun Police sting in front of Drake’s music. That really was a great touch.

What was hilarious was how Renshaw being from Sunderland meant that the Newcastle crowd decided that Drake was worthy of being cheered to the rafters for one night only. The cheer for HT Drake was my favourite part of the night.

It was also a really good match, of all the guys who DEFIANT have brought in Renshaw was the one that I really didn’t like that much and giving him a little backstage time and the crowd just hating him for where he is from gave him a little more then he had before. Still didn’t actually do anything in the match and it was just there to build Drake’s momentum going into Magnificent Seven but it was OK.


I am so happy that Benji is getting so much love, the training montage was so fun and him being trained by Joe Hendry is the best thing ever.

The guy doesn’t look like much but he is actually pretty fun to watch in the ring, has a great character and always is entertaining, really someone that the fans can get behind. Just really love Benji and I hope he does really well at the PPV.


SCC come back to Ameen after beating four different teams, I like the continuity in this because Ameen did send them out to beat some tag teams and they have done this. Also really like that they made a point of saying they got this title match because of this, because of their talent and not because of the silly story about them being Will Ospreay’s friends.

I already know the result of the match next episode because I’m so behind but if I had watched this live I would have been excited. I still kind of am.

Winner : John Klinger

This was actually a really interesting way of building Foster before sending him out to wrestle. I knew he was a wrestler just looking at him and having never heard of him when seeing WhatCulture stuff but they introduced him as just some random dude and let him build a character alongside someone like Miller then debuted him in pretty much the kind of match you’d expect from him.

It was a really good showing from Foster and he really was a match for Klinger at times, made Klinger work harder then some of these matches have made him work and I kinda really have a soft spot for Random Adam.

When Klinger took control though there wasn’t much that Foster could do and Klinger used all the dirtiest tricks, used those 5 counts and was a bragging dick all match long till he finally, inevitably, won the match. Which I guess is a step towards Miller returning and taking him down? I kind of hope that is what it is for. It’ll be interesting to see if that is what is going to happen, I really want Klinger to take down Sysum at Magnificent Seven and the end game being that Miller gets the victory over him and shuts him up because Sysum is boring and terrible in the ring. I hate Sysum.

Still a great match, great showing for Adam Foster who is now one of my favs and I love him so much so don’t talk badly about Random Adam else I will fight you.


It was so brief there is hardly point in mentioning it but the Anti-Fun Police just give me so much love. They are so stupid but lovable. Dunne is running away from Omari, can’t explain why and the screech from Santos. Just perfect comedy timing but all three of them are fantastic wrestlers too which makes everything better.

Winner : PAC

What a match.

Robbie X is fantastic, something I learnt personally on WOS and he honestly was such a good challenge for PAC.

The crowd were ridiculously behind PAC as they always are, he was his normal bastard self and Robbie X was so fun to watch flipping around the place at the speed of light it was a great DEFIANT debut for Robbie X whilst being just another master class from PAC.

Loved that PAC seemed to learn what Robbie had to offer during the match, when Robbie went to a move more then once PAC had a answer for him like when Robbie went for the springboard off the ropes and PAC drop kicked him, in the end PAC won by submission that just reminded everyone that he can beat you no matter what he does he doesn’t just need to jump off the top rope.

Man I love PAC.


This man should end the show every week. I mean PAC vs Robbie X was fantastic but that promo sent chills down my spine. I don’t even remember what he talked about and I just finished watching it but I just loved that he was like drooling out blood by the end.

It was so bloody good.


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